Screw Jakarta!

Oh my god. This is something that can decrease my mood. The only thing I really hate from Jakarta is the

OK, I'm going to tell you a story. So I finished doing my lesson at Wall Street and my mom told me to go home by bus (TransBintaro) because my father had some unfinished stuffs at the office. So I finished the manual book quickly and left Wall Street at 5.20 pm. My mom told me that TransBintaro would arrive at the shelter on 5.30 pm. I arrived right on time at the shelter, but there wasn't any sign of TransBintaro. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. I saw TransBSD, TransBintaro's sister, passed the shelter few times. I kept 
waiting until 30 minutes later, but there wasn't any sign of TransBintaro. Luckily my father comforted me and offered me to go home by car. But I told my dad if TransBintaro arrived earlier than my dad, I would take TransBintaro. But TransBintaro hasn't passed the shelter yet. Then, I saw a sign of TransBintaro (I knew it was TransBintaro because I could read the banner on the top of the window). BUT THEY TOOK ANOTHER WAY! Yeaah, I admitted that the main street in Pondok Indah was very crowded. But why on earth were they doing that? There were lots of people waiting outside PIM just to catch TransBintaro, but they decided to take the U-Turn just because the traffic was so damn bad? Geez, even TransBSD stopped at the shelter to grab some passengers. 

Then, I realized that there were many Jakmanians (the fanatic supporter of Persija) on the street and they were very damn rude! They were making such a noise and throwing something that sounds like a bomb! Geez, get a life, man! Then I heard on the radio that there were a football match in Lebak Bulus (the main street in Pondok Indah were connected to Lebak Bulus' main street). And the reason of the traffic jam was the football match itself! Geeezzzz, because of them, I arrived home at 7.45, which was very late because I had to sleep earlier for tomorrow morning. Geeez, screw Jakarta and Persija! Well, especially PERSIJA. Congratulation, you have successfully made me so mad tonight. 

Another photo taken from the traffic jam: 

By the way, back at school, my friends were talking about the youth pregnancy and surfed through the net to find Alfie Patten and Chantelle's article. They were very surprised because the daddy looked very young and innocent. My friends still couldn't believe that Alfie Patten was already a dad, at 13. Geez. And today the entire class finished watching Pearl Harbor, and it was so saaaaaaad. Especially when Danny died and the scene went forward few years later when Rafe and Evelyn were playing with Danny and Evelyn's baby. They named him Danny and then Rafe taught Danny to fly. Oh my goooood, it was so sad. I'm really looking forward to buying some DVDs tomorrow, and I'm really craving for Pearl Harbor. Two gorgeous lads in one movie, what could you ask for? 

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