I Won! But Friday Daily Pass, I already got it...

Take a glance on this website:

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you've found:

Congratulations to :

CONGRATS, You won 1 daily ticket to JJF 2009. Please bring the correct identification card when you claim the ticket. You'll be notified thru email for details.
1. Denita Biyanda Utami (Friday Daily Pass)
2. Sovyana Putranti (Saturday Daily Pass)
3. Augustin Herlina (Sunday Daily Pass)

Okaaay, look at the number 1. THAT'S MY NAME! And I won the Friday Daily Pass. It's so pathetic since I already bought the Friday Daily Pass for 150 thousand rupiahs. Geezzz..But that's fine though. I won, I won, I won...

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