A little chit-chat today

I have just finished my piano lesson today, and as usual, my teacher, I called him Kak Yudha asked me to discuss few topics out of the piano lesson. First he asked me about my school's events, Sky Battle and Sky Avenue (coming soon!). And then we discussed about the upcoming event called Java Jazz Festival 2009, which was going to be held on March 6,7,8. The point was, he was included on the show's lineup, with his band. But, if Indra Lesmana's band wasn't be able to play, then neither was his band. And I told my failure from getting Jason Mraz's ticket. I already got the daily pass ticket, as regards that I still could buy Jason Mraz's until Feburary 2009. So I still had time to collect my pocket money to buy Jason Mraz's. But....right after I bought the ticket, I found out that the tickets were already sold out. Few days later, I ascertained that Jason Mraz's show would be held TWO days, because of high demand and the Friday show tickets were sold out (Jason Mraz was scheduled to play on Friday). Duuuuuhh I already bought the Friday daily pass and if I bought the Saturday daily pass, it was already too late because the Student Price promo was already closed and my saving were not adequate either. So I had to splurge more than 500 thousand rupiahs to watch Jason Mraz, and my friend only splurged about 350 thousand rupiahs. Huuuuuuuu ;(. OK, I still could watch New York Voices, Afgan, Elfa's, David Garfield or Alex Ligertwood, Prasanna, and other jazz musicians indeed. 

Then we talked about the Mr.A-Z. And we both agreed that Jason Mraz was turning into some mainstream musician. We both liked the first studio album of Jason Mraz, Waiting for My Rocket to Come. And my piano teacher was a fan of something unknown, something undiscovered, like some outcast jazz musicians and indie band. And he told me that he did a little research about music and social class. The jazz music was known for the intelligent and upper class, and the Kangen Band's music and beyond was known for the (sorry) lower class. It was based on his research on his friends, who were the sons of bank manager, insurance director, and also well-educated (he and his friends were graduated from UI, number one university in Indonesia, and my dream university!). And he asked an OB in his music school in Depok, and he finally knew why Kangen Band's music belongs to the lower class (sorry again). The reason behind that was because their lyrics were simple and the OB himself didn't have to think to figure out the meaning of the lyrics, and my teacher told me that Kangen Band's lyrics were such a crap, they were so damn easy. 

Huaaaahha and then I finished my lesson and waited for my mom to pick me up. I realized that there were some old pals of mine from my junior high school were doing something. They went to the same high school and they would have a music event. I found out that they did a fundraising by holding a garage sale on the corner of the street near my music school. Well I suddenly discovered that it was not the exact way to raise money for school event. First, the streets were too crowded, and beside that, who had time to stop and bought something? Second, they should do that at the main street. The street itself wasn't too crowded and it was impossible to get a lot of money from it. 

I was very grateful that I had a lot of brilliant friends back at school, because they had brilliant notions to raise money by holding a charity event or recital event at school. With those events, people (especially parents) would come eventually to watch their children's performance and donated some money. Those were the exact way we rolled. Well, let's pray for all my school events! Let's raise a lot of money and do the work! 

Well my plans for today are: going to Wall Street for social club and lab session, and then playing bowling with my friends at Plaza Senayan. Got to go, catch you later guys!

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