Sunday notes and new munchie (again)

Let's talk about yesterday first. Yesterday I played bowling with my friends at Superlane Bowling in Pasaraya. It was such a fun because I know I'm very crap on bowling, but I think yesterday was my lucky day. I had gutter for the first two rounds, but after that I had splits (or spares? I already forget about bowling vocabs, so basically I knocked off all the pins on the second roll). And finally I came up as the third winner. Hooraaay! Hahaha. Credit photo:
Dreamstime. com

OK, so I went to Pondok Indah Mall to attend my auntie's birthday, actually it wasn't a birthday party, sort of some birthday treat. But, I wasn't be able to receive the treats because I already planned to attend the Social Club at Wall Street and then headed into the Complementary Class at 2 pm. So I had to pay my food's bill with my own pocket money. The social club itself was a lot of fun because it was basically about environmental vocabularies such as deserts, icebergs, and swamps (actually it was the title of the social club itself) and there were many new words came up into my brain. And then at the complementary class, we had an australian teacher, which is great, because I found Australian accent as one of the hardest English accents to understand. And we had a great fun there because I could learn more about grammar by doing fun activities. Hahahaha and guess what, Wall Street opened the chat corner about TOEFL and IELTS, just like my needs! Hahaha that was why I went directly to the SO to book for the activity, because I knew it would be full if I didn't book it first. The chat corner will be held on Thursday though. Hahaha I used the word 'though' a lot because yesterday I had social club with the same Australian teacher and she liked to use the word 'though'. And today she was the teacher for the complementary class. What an Aussie day!

Well as you remember, I've got a new munchie again. And it is the same product though. But different taste and different brand, for sure. I like this one better than J.Cool, but of course this one is a little bit more expensive than J.Cool and the size is rather small than J.Cool. But it's OK, because they have wide selection of toppings. And I like the place though, because it is filled with pink and strawberry background, so sweeeett! It is a Fro-Yo called Heavenly Blush. I tried it for the first time yesterday and today my auntie bought me another cup. Too bad it is located on PIM 2, so I have to walk a little further to take a sup. My favorite is Twist Fro-Yo (Pomegranate flavor and original flavor) with Strawberry/Peach/M&M toppings. Hmmm, delicious. Check them out on facebook:

Well right now I'm more into my MacBook because it is so damn faster than my computer. And the DVD player is better than my computer because it can read the damaged or scratched DVD. But unfortunately I can't find a way to resize a photo for blogger's blog post. And beside that I have been using my MacBook for less than 1 year, so I still have so much time to learn more about that. By the way, my paper work for Year 12 is about Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. So I'd better learn about that quickly to make a good paper work. In my opinion, Mac OS X Leopard is better, faster, and stronger (for virus). Hahaha it's Daftpunk's song by the way. Harder, better, faster, stronger. But I can't find anything harder from Mac OS X Leopard compared to Windows Vista. Hihi

By the way I'm doing my Biology homework. And I think I'd better post that here too to warn you about the danger of smoking. Check these out:

Healthy lung (left) and unhealthy lung (right) because of smoking. That's terrible, isn't it?

This picture is taken from Oprah on Dr Oz's segment. I really like Dr Oz's segment. He taught us much about our body and health without making us feel dumb about our body or health. He also has a good communication skills, which is very essential for the doctor. He really make me want to be a doctor (a dentist, specifically). He also has published national bestseller book about health. For god's sake, Dr Oz's is very smart and a perfect role model for the doctor-wannabe! Here is the description about the pictures:

If you're trying to quit smoking, this could be the day you go cold turkey. The healthy lung (left) is generally pinkish and healthy, with a bit of damage from living in an urban area. The unhealthy lung (middle) comes from a smoker, and is riddled with dark tar from cigarettes. What's even more worrisome than tar, according to Dr. Oz, is cancer. A cancerous lung (right) will have nodules of cancer cells that grow and spread, invading into everything around them.(

So, please quit smoking for your own goods! It's getting late already, so I'd better be off, Tomorrow I'm going to have my second encounter and Civics exam. Wish me luck guys! Finger crossed. TTFN.

Xoxo Denita. You know you love me
(Euuuuuhhhh some kind of Gossip Girl wannabes. Hahaha I'm slightly desperate for the upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl. The last episodes that I've watched was Episode 13. Huuuu sooo saaad)

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