For Lipstick Jungle, SATC, and Gossip Girl fans out there

For CWTV's Gossip Girl fans, check out this site, and don't forget to spend a day off to do this if you're in New York. Maybe you can come face to face with the oh-so-gorgeous Nathaniel Archibald a.k.a everyone's favorite Nate Archibald played by Chace Crawford. Although the locations are purely fiction, but you can still catch them on the set around the famous landmarks of NYC, right? Here's the link

For Lipstick Jungle lovers, don't forget to check out Nico Reilly's magazine, Bonfire, which is much mentioned on the series and the book. It is a virtual magazine, but if you read it pages to pages, you'll find interesting article about beauty, make up, and fashion (typical women's magazine). Here's the link I found an interesting website there,

For SATC a.k.a Sex and The City lovers, although the series have ended few years ago, you probably still remember Carrie's uber-fabulous outfits, Miranda's favorite cupcakes, Charlotte's art gallery, and the bar where they used to hang out together. If you're visiting NYC, mark a day off on your calendar. Because you can reminisce your SATC's moments through this tour: You can purchase the tickets, and the price is not very expensive for the tour like this. Enjoy those exclusive benefits!

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