Envy mode: on; List of People I'd Like to Meet

Huaaawhhh I really envy my friend who won a ticket to meet her idol Valentino Rossi a.k.a The Doctor, the champion of MotoGP, on Monday. Huuuuuuuu I really want to meet my idol toooo. OK, so I've made up a bunch of names that I'd like to meet someday. Here we go:

1. Cesc 
Fabregas; huaaaaa this is my idol since I was in junior high school. I'd really really love to meet him and do the talking and the photo capturing. Huaaaaa such a dream. Maybe if I move to England it will be very possible.

2. The Jonas Brothers; to be exact Nick Jonas. I also envy my friend who used to live in New York and he had met JoBros via his friend before they were famous. Aaaaargh too bad he is  boy so it isn't a big deal for him. He stayed calm while I and my friend were screaming on the airport. Cringe.

3. Zac Efron; or we called him Zefron to make it 'more fiendly'. Huaaaaa he's such a multitalented actor. He can sing, he can dance, he can play basketball, and he is uber-cool. What more can you ask for? Too bad Miss Baby V made him unavailable.

4. Between David Beckham and Kaka; D'oh. Those two footie stars are currently playing for AC Milan. Both of them are gorgeous, rich, famous, and very down to earth. Milan is very lucky to have both of them. 

5. Miley Cyrus; I really like to meet her because we can sing Hannah's or Miley's songs together, hang out, and take pictures together. It's more like I want to be Miley's friend and one sneaky little thing: I'd love to dig up some information about how to capture Nick Jonas' heart. Cheesy huh?

6. Chace Crawford; One reason. Totally gorgeous. 

7. Taylor Lautner; He's in my age and he's very handsome though. Although he wore the annoying waterfall-styled wig for his part in Twilight, but I still like him rather than Robert Pattinson who played Edward Cullen. Took off the wig and voila! He's turning into a real gorgeous werewolf! Hahaha kidding, but Taylor is currently working out for his part in New Moon.  

8. Aaron Ramsey; a newbie in Arsenal but he's currently the most handsome man in the club. And he is very talented. He could be the next David Beckham according to his look and style. Huuuu
P.S.: Subject to change

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