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I've just surfed through, the most amazing website I've ever seen (not that much, actually). I always attracted by some kinds of artsy things, although I can't make something like that, but I always love to stare at it. Here are some pieces of art from that I found very beautiful and interesting! Enjoy

PS: I wish I could afford something like those, there are not that expensive, but I won't be able to buy it in a short period.

Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano
Exit Eden by Jack Vettriano
Another masterpiece from Jack Vettriano, Waltzers

For further information, please check out, you can check out his upcoming painting exhibitions, posters, and catalogues.

I also found few interesting paintings by Jamie Edwards, I tried to scroll up his name on Google, but his name was very common, so I didn't find any official webstite from him, but you can still browse through Based on his paintings, I reckon he is a fan of cat or dog or both. Although I'm not a fan of cat or dog (or any animals, basically), I still find his paintings very interesting.

Corner Cafe by Jamie Edwards
Cats On Grandma's Chair by Jamie Edwards
Tux Cat Goes To The Vet by Jamie Edwards

Aaaarrrgggh I wish I could make or create or paint something like that. Huuuuuu I want to have my own art gallery like Rufus Humphrey in Gossip Girl. Maybe if I earn my own pocket money, I can save it to buy some paintings like those, then collect them and open a gallery. They only cost below $70, FYI. Duuuuhhh

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