TOEFL etc. etc.

On Thursday, I attended TOEFL social club in Wall Street. It was such a good social club and I got bunch of informations about TOEFL test and how to make you practice the most important aspects in TOEFL. I won't spoil those tricks to you guys (hahahahaha call me smug, but I'm certainly not. I'm just making a strategy. You can't always share secrets to everybody right?)

After the social club, I w
ent home and surfed through and found bunch of pages about TOEFL and I decided to open a web page (actually I forgot the full address), which provided samples of TOEFL test. I filled the test and gratefully I got a good result. Actually I have bought the TOEFL preparation book since years ago, but I wasn't as ambitious for TOEFL as I am now. 
I am really serious in TOEFL because my biggest goal is to study abroad, no ifs and no buts. I have to and I must study abroad. That's why I wrote down my g
oals on Post It and stuck it on my desk. So everytime I see it, I will be motivated to accomplish my goals. Here are my goals that stuck on my desk right now: 
  1. TOEFL score > 600
  2. Report card score >=70
  3. International Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia/Monash University
  4. Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia. 
Actually I still confuse between Medicine and Dentistry. I really interested in both of them. Both of them have pros and cons. But for now on, I'm more interested in Dentistry.

  1. Jakarta In Global (JIG) is going to be held next week peopleeeee! Yaaaay wish me a happy-go-lucky day!
  2. Is there anyone who would like to swap their saturday daily pass java jazz festival 2009 ticket with friday daily pass? Contact me ASAP
  3. Study hard, there are lots of exams coming
  4. Study hard for TOEFL and English stuffs
  5. Write two fan mails, one for JONAS BROTHERS and the other one is for ZAC EFRON. I'm going to do it with my friend so we can pay together for the postage stamp. So call us freaks, but that's just the way we roll (That's Just The Way We Roll-Jonas Brothers)
  6. Useful link: It was mentioned on Sex and The City. A very useful link for those women out there who want to look stylish with affordable price. If I lived in USA, I would definitely use that link so much!
  7. Favorite song at the moment: Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge version), I Got Nerve (Hannah Montana), and Broken Strings (James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado)
  8. Valentine's coming and I definitely don't care
  9. I've just read my friend's graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi titled 'Chicken with Plums' (Indonesian version) and it is actually very good, although it contains some mature contents. I'd love to buy the English version of Persepolis and Embroideries.
  10. JONAS BROTHERS' PERFORMANCE ON THE GRAMMY WITH STEVIE WONDER WAS SUPERB!!! I just can't stop to watch the video. Nicholas Jerry Jonas rocks! Can't get my eyes off that video. Huhu. Two thumbs up for Jonas Brothers!!!! 

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