Highlights of the week

It's Friday today and the first week of February 2009 is about to end. So there are few highlights of the week:

  1. I'm very busy with all the Jakarta In Global 2009's thingy. It is going to be held on February 20-22, 2009. The technical meeting is due next week, so we have to work utterly fast. Come on, I can work this out. Hahahaha wish me luck guys, finger crossed!
  2. I'm very ambitious and passionate about my future. I want to be serious and 100% focus on my school subjects and English course. My grades are waaaaay too low last semester so I have to work really hard for the recurring semester. I also want to work out on my English, especially my vocabs and grammar. Those are very essentials yet crucial for the TOEFL test. That's why my schedule for the week is very full because I'm having school lesson course and English course. But it's for my future, so I'll take it. Remember London, remember Harvard! Aaaaargghhh :)
  3. My appetite is turning very disorganized. I usually have dinner at 8/9. I know it is not healthy, but I'm too lazy to take my meals and sometimes I've got a lot of things to do. And sometimes I don't have lunch either.
  4. My MacBook is turning into my personal dictionary. There is an application called Dictionary and all I have to do is type some difficult words and voila! the results appear on the screen as fast as a bolt. Woaahaaaa. It is faster than finding the words using the conventional way a.k.a using the big and dense Oxford dictionary. Duuuh!
  5. I've just starting my own new blog. The old blogs are sort of crap and also embarrassing. So, this is my newest and active blog account. Enjoy! FYI, I named it tittle-tattle-chit-chat because I love to do the chit-chat and gossip! Tittle-tattle means gossip. And flibbertigibbet means a silly or talkative person. Yes, I am. And I'm proud of being a flibbertigibbet. Hohoho :)

This is Jakarta In Global 2009's publication poster. It has 8 competitions for high school students, such as Speech, Spelling, Story Telling, Debating, News Casting, Short Movie, Presentation and Smart Quiz. It is going to be held on February 20-22. The registration still open until February 13, 2009. Technical meeting is going to be held on February 14, 2009 (a.k.a Valentine's Day, btw, who cares? duh). Sooo, register immediately. Contact me via my gmail if you need any further information, ok?

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