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Friday: OK so after the bell rang, I outside the class and gathered with my friends to discuss our plans. We had arranged to go to Ratu Plaza to hunt for DVDs. Ratu Plaza was widely known for their availability of rare DVDs. They offered imported DVDs and Blue Ray DVDs, but the prices were higher than Rp 7.000,- (the average price of counterfeit DVDs. I know it's illegal and counterfeit, but the quality is worth the same as the original one). My friends brought a lot of money, while I only brought Rp 35.000,-, only adequate for 5 pieces of DVD. But later I found Rp 20.000,- hidden on my bag. It meant I could buy another 3 pieces of DVD (by adding only Rp 1.000,-). 

These are a quick list of DVDs that I had bought in Ratu Plaza on Friday: 

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You
    (already watched it few times on TV, already watched the DVD, I lent it to Garini shortly after finished watching the DVD. One of my all-time favorite movies. Hey, FYI, I've heard that it would be re-made into a television version, out in 2009, starred Meaghan Jette Martin from Camp Rock and a teenage actress from Ned Declassified School Survival's Guide)
  2. Sleepless in Seattle (a popular Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' flick. Haven't watched it yet)
  3. Hellphone (a French movie, haven't fully watched it yet, because I had a problem with the subtitle. Dang they spoke French! I could only understand Merci, Au Revoir, and Bonjour. Cringe!)
  4. The Chorus (also a French movie, haven't watched it yet, but I hope the subtitle is pretty clear, unlike Hellphone)
  5. The Boy in Stripped Pajamas (a touchy story about the friendship between a Jewish boy and the son of the Nazi general or something. Haven't watched it yet)
  6. Slumdog Millionaire (A-ha! Everyone's favorite. Haven't watched it yet, but my brother and my mother have)
  7. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert (Just for fun guysss, I want to have a little freedom by singing and dancing Hannah's songs. Woohoooo! I found the imported version of the DVD, but it cost approximately Rp 20.000,-. Well, that was a nice price for a piece of DVD though)
  8. You've Got Mail (Another classic love-story from Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Haven't watched it yet)
So the grand total of the DVDs was Rp 56.000,-. After finished searching and buying, we decided to eat something at KFC, but I was running out of money. So I just picked my friends' meal. Because the lack of financial, I decided to catch a bus to school with my friend Ina. Bus was only cost Rp 2.000,- for two people because we were considered as students. But taking a bus has a disadvantage: lack of security. 

OK, here is the short story. There was a bold man sitting next to me and he was sharply watching into my bag. Luckily my friend Ina had a good sight and looked after my bag. Thank you Ina :) and I kept my wallet deep down on my bag (Yeah, my bag has some kind of secret pocket inside it). Geez, that was why I only want to take public bus (the numbered bus, unlike TransBintaro, TransBSD and/or Busway. They have a high rate of security and the fare is quite expensive though)

Then after that I went to my father's office and watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Heath Ledger rocks! Too bad he had to die in a very young age. 

After that I rushed to Wall Street to attend the dinner with the students, teachers and staffs of WSI PIM at Pronto. The dinner went quite well because we took a lot of photos there and played entertaining games as well. I also made a lot of new friends there. I'm sooo waiting for the next special event of WSI PIM, also called FAMPIERS. 

 Photos from the events:

Saturday: I had a good talk with my piano teacher about the Beatles movies such as A Hard Day's Night, Help!, and the rare one, Magical Mystery Tour. My teacher was a rough fan of the Beatles. And we also talked about some sort of war movies, such as Pearl Harbor and Flag of Our Fathers (which I've never watched it until the end of the movie. B-o-r-i-n-g! The handsome faces didn't even help). Then I went straight to WSI again to do the lab session, but I went to Heavenly Blush first to have a chit-chat with my friends. Oh, speaking about Heavenly Blush, my friend saw my photo with my cousins at HB's slideshow. I didn't have any idea where on earth they got the photo? Dang. Ok, back to the topic. They planned to watch a movie, but due to WS, I couldn't make it. I went to WS at 1.15 pm and I had some troubles with the computer, so my lesson took more than 1 hour and it meant that I couldn't join the social club because it slightly too late. Then after that I went straight to bookstores and finally bought Confession of a Shopaholic. As a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, I must have had Confession of a Shopaholic. It was considered as her masterpiece though. I doubt the movie could do better than the book. I've read the first chapters and it was terribly funny! Two thumbs up for Sophie Kinsella!

So, today I'm going to have a Math lesson with my friends. My exam is coming out on Tuesday. Wish me luck guys, and don't forget, JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 is on the way!
PS: I already booked the Saturday daily pass from my friend. I only have to add Rp 50.000,- in order to buy his ticket. Wow, thank you guys (both of you!)

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