New munchie

I've got a new munchie and right now I'm very craving for it. It's called J.Cool, a 100% fat free frozen yoghurt from J.Co. It's not that expensive, or cheap if you can say so. It only costs 15 thousand rupiahs, single size with one topping. And the taste is veryyyyy scrumptious! And it is very easy to get because I'm going to visit their outlet in PIM (Pondok Indah Mall) very often because I have my English course there. So it's very easy to get rather than Sour Sally. Sour Sally is a frozen yoghurt brand from US. Their nearest branch from my house is in Sency (Senayan City), but Sency is further than PIM, and beside that, Sour Sally is more expensive. But J.Cool hasn't widely available in J.Co branches all over the country. For example, when I went to Jogja, I went to a J.Co branch and when I asked about J.Cool, it hadn't available yet. Huuuuuu I wanted it so badly when I was in Jogja. Tomorrow I'm going to PIM and I'll buy it after my course. Huuuuhuuuuu :)

my new scrumptious munchie, don't forget to sup it when you have a chance. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hahaha :) By the way, do you realize that there is something wrong with the spelling above, can you guess what? Haha it's very obvious though

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