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  • I've checked sugarscape.com and they already posted the web chat result with the Jobros and believe me, they only picked 10 questions out of gazillion questions for them so it's very obvious that they didn't pick my queries huuuu I'm so waiting for the next livechat, which is on may 28 (next week). Fyi, their mind-blowing music video is due tomorrow (May 23 2009 7.50 pm means May 24 2009 6.50 am, blame it on the time difference huh?). 
  • I've watched night at the museum 2 and spotted jonas brothers as the singing cherubs, good job for being very funny cherubs! night at the museum 2 is better than the first one, of course, blame it on the Jobros hahaha just joking! They have new and improved characters such as amelia earhart and the giant abe lincoln and then the evil Kahmunrah (I always fond of egyptian pharaohs, as in the mummy installments) and his right hands such as al capone (when I heard al capone, my mind referred to a doughnut by J.Co, they have a doughnut named al capone and it's very tasty), napoleon bonaparte and ivan the terrible (although according to him, his name should be translated into 'Ivan the Awesome') and then the recurring characters, Jedediah and Teddy Roosevelt
  • Last week I watched manchester united vs. arsenal live at langsat corner or also gunners corner with my friends and the ambience was very fantastic because surely it's the homebase of arsenal indonesian supporters and everyone wore their arsenal apparels and cheered and then they mocked manchester united players such as c.ronaldo or wayne rooney. but unfortunately neither arsenal nor manchester united could score a goal so it was a draw and with that result, clearly Manchester United is this year's champion of EPL. I'd love to watch another live match for next season. Btw, I really hope MU is going to lose against Barcelona because if MU win, sir alex ferguson, cristiano ronaldo and wayne rooney is going to put a very smug smile on their faces, which are very creepy and beside, if they win the champions league, they will get quadruple titles this season and I hate that, I might as well throw tomatoes at them during their Jakarta tour.Hahaha kidding but I still hate the red devils (as in devil, they are so devilish, when it comes to a big match against arsenal especially)
    one and only picture I took during the livematch. Pardon for my phone's resolution

  • I'm addicted to high waist skirt and I just ordered my own customized high waist skirt, this time is made from jeans so it's more informal because I had this one which was black and frilly so it's kinda formal but I like wearing it instead of wearing jeans all the time, some kind of a swift fad, maybe?
  • One more, disaster movie is a total disaster! although matt lanter's in it, the movie is a total crap and so not worth to watch. never ever consider to spend your money by purchasing even the counterfeit dvd! I didn't even laugh during the movie. Duuuh, so worth the razzie!
  • My macbook is getting eerier because seems that my macbook is quite fond of Jonas brothers so it kept playing 'Paranoid' unexpectedly 
  • Cupcakes anyone? Cupcakes is well-tasty and come in small package, mmmm...Bon Appetite!
  • Kris Allen woooon! Although I don't consider myself as an American Idol junkie but I watched the report via E! News and I was monitoring their progress also through E! News so literally I followed them, but not by watching American Idol itself. I'm very impressed with Allen's songs throughout Idol, he's very capable of winning and his version of Heartless is better than Kanye's. He managed to put his trademark on to the songs. Bravo KA! Now I'm looking for his song which he sang in the final, I want a studio version, not the live version because the live version is rather noisy; anyone?
  • Well I seriously can't write more because I'm in a major rush so see you next time xoxo

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