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Recently I have watched pile of DVDs from my friends and cousin, who have heaps of DVDs in their house (they are DVD buff for sure). I'm going to write few of them, here there are: 

1. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
This is one of my worth-to-wait DVD. I have waited for the so-called "original DVD" since last year and finally I managed to borrow it from my cousin. Last year I found the DVD at Ciledug Mall or something but the picture was rather very bad and I don't want to see Aaron Johnson in the unclear way. I want to see his uber-gorgeous face in high resolution. The movie revolves around the lives of Georgia Nicolson who thinks her life is a total c
rap. She has never snogged a guy in her entire life and she thinks her mom and dad's mind are so out of date. She has a cat named Angus. Her life entirely changed when she met a new guy Robbie and she tried so hard to go out with Robbie. She had to deal with Lindsay, Robbie's girlfriend, her mother who seemed in love with the new plumber (later we'll know that the new plumber is gay), her father who relocated to New Zealand, her friends Dave the Laugh and the Saliva Boy (the kissing coach), and also her friends who dated Robbie's brother Tom. The best part is when her mother made a huge surprise and everyone came to Georgia's birthday bash rather than Lindsay's birthday, including her friend Jas (who previously stated that she would rather to go to Lindsay's birthday) and her father who she thought was in New Zealand. And then Robbie's band Stiff Dylans performed on her birthday and Robbie revealed that he was in love with Georgia and he thought Georgia was perfect....S
o sweeeeet..what a happy ending! Eye-candy alert: Aaron Johnson as Robbie.

2. The Chorus (Les Choristes)
This is a French movie, which recently I was infatuated with. I bought this DVD with my friends at Ratu Plaza after school and I have read about the positive reviews, so I bought it. Actually the movie was released 5 years ago and scored with positive reviews among the notable critics including Chicago Sun Times' Roger Ebert and New York Times. This movie also nominated on BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Cesar Awards (French equivalent to Academy Awards). The story is about Clement Mathieu, who is a new supervisor at Fond de L'Etang, a institution for homeless and orphan children. Fond de L'Etang was ruled by Monsieur Rachin, a strict headmaster. The kids in Fond de L'Etang were very rude and disobedient. Then Clement Mathieu formed a choir and taught the children to sing and he found a magnificent talent in Pierre Morhange. Then he spoke (and also was smitten) with Pierre's mother Violet and then he tried to get him a scholarship i
n a conservatory in Lyon. Clement Mathieu's arrival brought the new image of Fond de L'Etang and even a countess paid a visit to hear the choir. This movie is filled with beautiful symphonies by Clement Mathieu, sung by the boys of Fond de L'Etang. My favorite part was when Pierre was accepted in a conservatory in Lyon and became a famous conductor and Pepinot, the tiny kid who always waited for his parents on Saturday but in fact they never came, went along with Clement Mathieu and gave his diary to Pierre 50 years later. Eye-candy alert: Jean-Baptiste Maunier as Pierre Morhange, who also played in Hellphone (I haven't watched it yet, but I have the DVD). This guy has beautiful eyes and incredible voice.

3. Cheaper by the Dozen 2
I really love Cheaper by the Dozen but I haven't got a chance to watch the second installment. And when I went to my friend's house to give her a surprise, I found the DVD and decided to borrow it. The story still revolves around the Baker family. Tom Baker decided to spend some quality times with the family since he thought that his family was breaking apart. They went to Lake Winnetka, their annual holiday destination to spend their last family vacation together. Tom met his longtime rival Jimmy Murtaugh and decided to compete against him on Labor Day Game. Steve Martin was totally funny! Overall, this movie is hilarious, compared to the previous one. FYI, the third installment will come out in 2011. Can't wait for it! Eye-candy alert: Tom Welling as Charlie, Taylor Lautner as Elliott Murtaugh and Jonathan Bennett as Bud. 

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