Jonas livechat Part 2

OK, finally I've found the answer from Sugar magazine team:

Oh no! I just met the lovely Jonas Brothers - was so busy that we couldn't get on with them!
Soooo... we picked some questions and the Jonas Brothers picked their favourite ones!
We filmed it and we're going to get it up on sugarscape as soon as we can!
Reeaaaallllly sorry guys - next time they are here we promise we'll get a proper chat with them!
Becs @ Sugarscape

OK, we're waiting...I'm so curious, that live chat was such a golden chance. Hihihi. Btw I miss Sugar magazine, I haven't bought any Sugar magazine since last year's edition with Miley Cyrus on the cover. It's very expensive in here, when Teen Vogue only costs Rp 60.000,- something (and TV is thicker than Sugar), Sugar costs Rp 70.000,- something. It's rather expensive compared to similar teen mag. But it's quite reasonable since Sugar comes from Britain, which uses British Pound sterling and the exchange rate is very high. BREAKING NEWS: KATIE PRICE (aka JORDAN) and PETER ANDRE HAVE SPLIT (they used to have a claptrap reality show called Katie and Pete, only aired in UK and USA. I hate them, they are worse than Speidi (Spencer and Heidi from The Hills). I still like Speidi by the way, but for them, there will be no mercy!)

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