This week's Highlights

1. I changed my blog skin hehe what do you guys think of it? Btw, can anyone teach me how to apply the blog template on into my blog? It seems difficult but they have lots of nice and pinky themes :)

2. I got another salary and this one is bigger than the previous one. I sent 3 articles to The Jakarta Post and they told me via e-mail that they already posted my articles about Twitter and Kids Choice Awards on May 6. My 2 articles got published so I got Rp 600.000,- instead hahaha and it also means I have collected Rp 900.000,- so far within one month. But I spent my first salary on Burning Up Book hehehe I know it sounds silly to spend all my first salary on a Jonas Brothers book, but hey, it's worth to buy! Think about the special photographs and doodles by the Jonas Brothers themself
3. There was an electricity problem in my school so I sneaked out with my friends (and most of the students) to Blok M Plaza (I know, sounds corny, but it was the only mall which allowed students with uniform to get in there). We ate
 Pizza Hut and then went to the shooting range. It was fun! The school's officers wouldn't admit if we could go home by the time the electricity went off but the main gate was opened and everyone could go out. 
4. Me and my friends were having a conversation about our chemistry teacher and later we found out that he was a DEMENTOR! Yeah, a dementor like in Harry Potter movies, who sucks people's energy and good memories and gives dementor kiss so they will feel faint and unconscious for a period of time. Let's see, when he went into the class and taught us about chemical reaction and bla bla bla, we always felt very damn sleepy, even if we had enough sleep the day before. It's like he sipped all of our energy so we became very sleepy. Haha, just joking...but my friends and I keep calling him dementor though. Joseph the Dementor to be exact. 
This costume suits him better rather than his usual laboratory coat

5. I watched Jonas Brothers live chat on Facebook on May 7. My friend brought her laptop and her portable internet connection so we could watch the live chat during class. But our music teacher forbade us to watch during his class so we only watched the first 30 minutes or so. Actually they were slightly late so we had to wait about 30 minutes. My friend was very hysterical about them and she even pushed my friend when they appeared on screen. Make sure you won't miss another live chat on May 28 and June 7! Btw, I already downloaded their newest single, Paranoid. It was good, but different compared to their previous songs. I agreed with my friend, they wanted to try something new, and in my opinion, it worked!
6. I threw a surprise to my Minang-mate Anissa and it worked and then we watched DVDs at her place. We went to her house early in the morning and then sneaked into her room and then pulled a confetti and birthday spray (I don't know how to call a spaghetti-like spray usually used for birthday party)
7. I passed to Threshold 2 yaaayy!
8. Right now, I'm enjoying my 3 days of UAS holiday. Hey, I realize that there are only about 3 weeks left in the second year of High School. I will surely miss you guysss, my classmate!
9. Arsenal lost 4-1 again! The first one was on the champions league semifinal. Manchester United defeated them 3-1 in Emirates so the aggregate score was 4-1 and then yesterday Chelsea defeated them again in Emirates with the same score. What a miserable home game! What happened to you guuyyys? Hmm, let me guess, as usual, Arsenal is currently having a mental breakdown after 4-1 defeat against Manchester United. Am I right?
10. I already watched JONAS TV Series. I can't stand waiting for months! And the show was very hilarious! Kevin and Joe were very funny and Nick was rather the serious one. 
11. Screw the thunder! It was raining eventually today so the internet connection went slower. Rgggh I hate rainy days! 

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