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Hey yooo sorry if I keep posting about Jobros and other disney stuffs lately, it's just because apparently my mind is filled with them hahahaha so when I heard that Sugar magazine (a number-1 teen mag in UK) was going to host a live chat with Jonas Brothers, I was so ecstatic because I thought that this livechat wasn't highly publicized compared to the previous Facebook livechat. So I stayed up until 10.30 pm to wait for them, and I just discovered that we merely submitted our query and after that sugar magazine team would choose the appropriate questions for them to answer. And they said that Jonas would be talking to you in five minutes but I've discovered nothing! Arrrgh it's kinda useless though but I've sent heaps of questions including the silly one. And today I opened Sugar magazine's website and I found nothing. They haven't posted the result yet. I'm so curious whether they would answer my question or not. PS: there will be another livechat on May 28 and June 7! Prepare yourself!

Those photos are few printscreens from the livechat, you can see my queries there. Gtg, I want to watch 'Bedtime Stories'. See you later then! Btw, my chemistry teacher was utterly mean today. I hate him very much! Screw you Joseph the Dementor! He gave us the remedial test without telling us when exactly he would give us the test. So we did the test without any preparation. Screeeeeew Chemistry Screeeew buffer solution Screeeew acid Screeeew hydrolysis and his gibberish friends! Screw H2SO4 HCN HBr NaOH!

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