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I don't have enough time to write much so I'll start with this, my experience when I bought a bowl of porridge yesterday hahaha I was so hungry so I decided to buy a bowl of porridge just across the street with my friend Tissa and it turned out that our music teacher came late (and at the time he came up, he said we could have some free time) and then we walked toward the gate and spotted our PE teacher and a security, sitting under the big enormous tree and asked us where to go. And then we replied 'We want to go to the porridge stand' and then he told us we had to obtain a license letter in order to buy it. I was kinda lazy to take that small piece of paper and then persuade my teacher (who was late) to sign the letter but then Tissa realized that my classroom teacher was still on his seat and then we begged him to sign the paper and we got his signature easily! so we stepped down the stairs and went back to the gate and gave the letter with smug smiles on our face. You should see our PE teacher's face. I totally could read his mind. It was between 'How come they could get the license letter signed?' and 'They are so longing for that porridge' hahaha and then we bought 3 bowls of porridge, packed in styrofoam (I know it's not healthy, but only for emergency. Considered hunger as an emergency state) and then we came and ate the porridge! Yum! 1-0 to our PE teacher!

And then after the school finished at 11.10, My friend, Garini and I had been planning about Operation: Chasing Joseph for a week. Our chemistry grades are in major danger so we need the third remedial. Urgently! The third remedial is very necessary for us if we want to say hello to year 12. And then we went downstairs and we were looking for our chemistry teacher, let's called him Joseph or Dementor or whatsover alongside our friends Tissa who hadn't done the 2nd remedial and then we finally found him and surprisingly he ordered me and garini to join the remedial. 
I was totally in shock because I didn't prepare anything and I didn't bring any stationery so I rethought for a sec with garini and then we decided to take this golden chance because he was totally in a good mood today and then after he handed us the papers, he left and he told us that he would return on 12 sharply to collect our papers. We realized that he had some important meeting so he couldn't supervise us, so we did the test, without his supervision so we cheated. as usual. Hahahaha we managed to call our clever friends who excel in chemistry and then asked them to help us. Luckily they insisted to. So basically we did the test together and we managed to answer those questions almost similar to each other LOL
Btw last week I was so upset because turned out that my parents were against credit cards (both of them took economy, accounting to be exact as their majors in college so they were very careful with money) so seemed like I couldn't order something from ebay. I was about to buy examination books, chemistry, physics, math, and biology to be exact and I was looking for the A Level version because I really want to go med school for my major and I really keen on international degree because it allows me to obtain two degrees from the leading university in indonesia (of course the university of indonesia) and another one from between university of melbourne and monash university, both of them are the leading universities in australia, ranked 40-something in the world. And in order to pass the test I have to secure 7 for my ielts/toefl test (actually I think it's lower than 7 but I want to make it hyperbolic) hmm I got the exact number, it's 570 I think for TOEFL, kinda equivalent to 7 in IELTS and then APT test (I don't remember the exact number, oops I forgot to buy the book today, maybe next week) and then chemistry biology and physics in english so maybe they will take the queries from A Level exams, as they would usually do in UK in order to sign up for the university. So I need to secure my english proficiency and secure my score in those science subjects. Back to the e-bay thing, I went to gramedia PIM today and I found the O Level books imported from Spore, so it's slightly cheaper than the A level books from UK or SAT books from USA and the point is I had to order it via ebay and it will cost a lot, regarding to the shipping cost from UK or USA to Indonesia and then the books themselves already very expensive. So I bought the singaporean book instead. There will be no big difference, eh?
Btw, speaking about Jonas brothers (you will be getting very damn tired about the Jobros, but indeed, Lady Gaga was right, they were like the Beatles, but I'm also the Beatles fan as well and I know they can't be equaled to the Beatles concerning their awards and charts and records but they are a phenomenon to be frank) and they are going to release their new album called Lines, Vines and Trying Times due June 15 (my dad's bday) and I've listed to the preview (I've provided a link to the video). And they are doing great so far, I love those new songs especially Fly with Me and Poison Ivy, can't wait for their forthcoming album, I already asked my friend who is going to Australia this holiday (the australian version usually come up earlier than the indonesian or asian version) to do me a favor. I asked her to buy the CD for me and I'll give her some money to purchase it. She replied: We'll see. Hope she could get it! :)) And otherwise, have you heard miley cyrus and david archuleta's song for Hannah Montana 3 (the soundtrack album for Hannah Montana season 3)? It's very cheerful! You should listen to it! I'm signing off, bye byeeee (hi-5)

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