Paranoid music video by the Jonas Brothers

Impressive. Tempting. Alluring. 

I give those three words to describe Jonas Brothers' recent video, Paranoid, premiered this morning (actually it was yesterday in the US, but yesterday in the US equivalent to today in here, rite?). I really love this video err in fact I was already in love with this video since they launched the teaser in youtube. I really love the part when Nick sang and he drove his Ford Mustang (hahaha simply because Nick is the main singer of this song and Nick is my favorite Jobros) and then when Kevin turned on the TV and he found him everywhere and surrounded by himself (?) kinda weird, but regarding to their title 'Paranoid', so he might be paranoid when he saw his face everywhere. And then when Joe took the steps and it led him to the wrestling ring and then he found himself in the middle of a wrestling game, surrounded by two wrestlers and a referee. This video really prove that they already grow up, just look at the video, the concept of the video and their wardrobes, and the song itself merely prove that they are not just disney-labelled-boyband. If you compare this video with S.O.S, you will see the big difference within a sec. I definitely relish this video! Hope they will obtain a Grammy (they only got nominated for this year's Grammy and being nominated at the Grammy absolutely proved that they were not just the so-called-disney-boyband) for their upcoming album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times due June 15 (I want to order it via Amazon but it seems that it's going to be very complicated, so I'll just wait then)

Another screenshot: 
Nick is singing and playing a guitar. I'm so into this one!

FYI: I'm going to face chemistry exam tomorrow and I don't understand any pint-sized of it. I totally need a leakage from other science class. Anyone? My chemistry grade is in major danger! 

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