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Hello guys, wondering why I woke up so early? Yep, I woke up slightly earlier today just because I want to download few things, such as JONAS TV Series episode 3 'Slice of Life' featured their new song for the TV Show, Pizza Girl. I also want to download some songs from Grey's Anatomy, most of all are Tegan and Sara's and Psapp's. Don't you all love Grey's Anatomy? I dooo! I really love Grey's Anatomy. I'm currently finishing the 2nd season, I know, it's completely out of date but better late than never huh? My plans for today are: writing some new articles, sleeping, watching TV (I stuck simultaneously to my Macbook. I watched DVD 24/7 yesterday in my Macbook. Seems like I couldn't take my eyes off of my Macbook. Macbook-Frenzy, huh?), and then I'll charge my iPod and finally go to Wall Street for a lesson and social club about TOEFL/IELTS. Btw I found out another crazy yet fantastic feature from Macbook. It's....Photo Booth. I know it sounds lame, but hey try to explore your photo booth further. You can create your own background using the 'Effect' feature (scroll to the last section of 'Effect') and all you have to do is just drag your own background using your picture, it can be anything, your favorite celeb's picture or an animal, etc! On Friday, I found this amazing invention with my friend and then we took pictures, using Jonas Brothers background, at a glance it looked like we took our photograph with them. I'm not going to publish the result because they are quite humiliating and awkward. Hahaha try it yourself!

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