Wish list

As the clocks ticking to my 17th birthday (yes it's 17! Yaaay I'm officially legal) and as 2010 approaches, there are many things I'd like to accomplish in 2010. So here is my wish list. Enjoy

  1. Accepted in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia International Class Program. My utmost goal in 2010! See you in Melbourne in 3 years! Hiyya mate! (AMIN)
  2. Go to Universal Studio Singapore. I already planned a summer getaway to Spore and I hope the constructions and everything have finished by the time I go there. 
  3. Lots of new clothes, high heels, make-up kit
  4. Lots of new self-help books, and more intellectual books rather than the corny ones. 
  5. Getting my driver's license and drive a SUV (I always have something for SUV, it's very spacious and upscale (?)
  6. Graduate from Labschool Kebayoran High School with satisfied overall scores. Tee-hee
  7. Learn new language, maybe simple catchphrases will help
  8. Become more spiritual-minded and religious 
Hmm that's all I could write I'm kinda out of my mind actually (maybe because in 1 hour I'll turn 17) see you later fellas!

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