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It's wee bit late to write my very own list of 'best in 2009', but after reading People Magazine Best in 2009 edition, I am challenged to write my own, in my own perspective. Of course, I am not the editor of People magazine, so don't expect the best from me because my point of view is 'slightly' different from people out there who were praised for their contribution of best and worst in 2009 list

1. Best TV Show
GLEE! is my current addiction, if you go through my tumblr page (yes, I have a tumblr. Here's the link: Please do visit and follow me), I have reblogged lots of pictures and quotes from Glee. It's like a mash-up between High School Musical, Mean Girls, and Friday Night Lights where you can find cheerleaders, a drama queen, football players, a nerd in a wheelchair, a pregnant cheerio, and a fashionista blend in together to revive the glory of Glee Club. With a bit of comedy twist and celebrity guest stars, it's a must watch in 2009. I only finished the whole season for merely two days thanks to Tyas for giving me the episodes for free (she downloaded from the internet). The musical numbers are fantastic, they have covered lots of hits from Rihanna's Take a Bow, Kanye's Gold Digger, Lily Allen's Smile, and even mash-ups between Bon Jovi's It's My Life and Usher's Confessions Part II. 
Favorite character: Sue Sylvestre, she is the cheerio coach, full of energy, ambitious, cruel, wicked, sly, loathsome, but very interesting to watch!
Favorite songs: Don't Stop Believin', Halo/Walking On Sunshine, Last Christmas, and It's My Life/Confessions Part II. Worth downloading!
Favorite couple: I'll go with Finn and Rachel. Al
though Rachel is a bit drama queen and she seems so overreacting, I always love the idea about jock and ordinary girl go together, like Troy and Gabriella on HSM. 

2. Best Teen Show
Sonny with a Chance! SWAC is so hilarious, featuring the new tween queen, Demi Lovato as the main character, Sonny, a girl from Wisconsin who just landed a part in her favorite comedy show, So Random! So Random is a comedy show like All That, which an ensemble of cast who performed different characters and sketches in every episode. Selena Gomez also guest-starred in one of the episodes as herself. Sonny must deal with different problems regarding her appearance in So Random, including the weirdo producer Marshall, a reigning teen queen Tawn
i, a weird kiddo Zora, and her rival from another TV show, teen heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper. Demi is so hilarious, and she is not afraid to show her comic si
de! The sketches on So Random are so witty though. Talking about reminiscing the good old days when All That is still available on Nick. 
Favorite sketches: Check It Out Girls, Dolphin Boy (featured on the first episode), So You Think You Can PP Dance (a spoof of So You Think You can Dance)
Favorite characters: Sonny for sure! Oh and Tawni also with her funny yet dumb phrases and remarks. 

3. Best Albums
Black Eyed Peas
' The E.N.D. and Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce. These two musicians took the center stage last year with their ear-popping tunes. Their songs were almost everywhere, from middle-class department store to the hip
 nightclubs. You could hear people humming their songs everywhere and put the lyrics into their facebook status and personal message on instant messenger. And there were lots of self-made video based on Beyonce's Single Ladies on Youtube as of last year, even Joe Jonas and Justin Timberlake did one. They even received Grammy nods for this year. 2009 was all about the Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce! 
Favorite Tunes: I Gotta Feeling-BEP, and Halo-Beyonce

4. Best Social Networking Site
Forget Facebook, it's time for the birdies to tweet! Twitter really took the world by storm in 2009 (quoted from my article in Youthspeak). Twitter is the best way to share the news, no need to open your laptop or computer, you can do it at your fingertips with your cellphone, you don't have to own blackberry to keep twittering, even your old-fashioned cellphone can access twitter (I already proved it, when my nokia cellphone broke down, I used my old nokia from junior high school or elementary school and guess what? I could still access twitter!). Now you can be 'this' close to your favorite celebs with twitter, you can see what they are up to and the best part is, you will always get the fresh-from-the-oven news. Did you know that most of the headlines in 2009 were first delivered (or published) and spread via twitter? 

5. Best Movies
Most people may declared Avatar as their best movie of the year, but I won't say so. As far as I'm concerned, the best movie according to me is Transformers, Harry Potter, and New Moon for the adventure/family/fantasy genre and The Ugly Truth and He's Just Not That Into You for the romantic comedy genre. I highly praise Transformers for their outstanding special effects and robots and also the shooting locations. Again, I love Harry Potter installment and it's so hard for me to kick Harry Potter out from the list. New Moon is definitely better than Twilight and the appearances of the new characters make it more captivating to watch. And I will always go for romantic comedy, and my favorites for last year are The Ugly Truth with the smart appearance by Katherine Heigl and He's Not Just That Into You with the intertwining stories. 

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