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Welcome to Laguna Beach !

Finally, I just finished watching the first season of Laguna Beach. I know I was sort of late because it was filmed like 5 years ago when Lauren Conrad (LC) just graduated from Laguna Beach High School. Actually I bought the DVD like, years ago, but apparently I haven't got the chance to watch it completely. 
Laguna Beach revolves around the lives of LC and her friends during their senior year, including Lo (stands for Lauren Bosworth, her bff, inseparable, almost like twins and they even share the same first name), Morgan, Christina (a Reve
rend's daughter), her childhood friend slash crush, Stephen, and her rival slash Stephen's girlfriend, Kristin, a junior. 

So, as now I am in LC's position during the filming, I'm gonna say their lives are way different than my life as a senior. 

LC never looked really tired or exhausted during her senior year, beside she spent her nights by having dinner with friends, watching fashion show, watching blink 182 concert, partying with friends, trip to Cabo and Catalina, and going to the spa on the daybreak. But perhaps the show was filmed on weekends?

But watching the first season of Laguna Beach gives me a glimpse of senior year's stuffs, such as prom, graduation, including saying goodbye to our closest pals. I just love the way the cast asked their dates to the prom, so lavish yet romantic. My favorite one is when Dieter asked Jessica to go to prom with him, and I must admit it, Stephen's prom proposal is pretty lovely, with white roses, a bouquet of flowers, and a surprise appearance from him. 

Dieter and his girlfriend slash prom date, Jessica. Look at those pink roses!

Next stop, prom. I couldn't see the whole prom activities because they only shot few scenes, but I don't like their outfits, especially the girls. For me, their outfits are more suitable for beach party or semi-formal party rather than prom. Maybe because it was 2004? And wow, talking about renting a limo! It was so fun, but it's impossible to do it 

Last stop, graduation. I think it's usual for parents to give graduation presents because all the cast were given presents such as car and macbook. Wow, a car? Holy mackerel! 

Lo with her graduation present, a car! 

So if I wasn't mistaken, their graduation was held on Paramount Studio or somewhere renowned in LA. They wore toga for the occasion, white for the girls and crimson for the guys. I really love the speech by a guy name Jonathan, a perfect choice to deliver the final speech. And I love the moment when they threw their caps to the air. I also love when the whole students were interviewed about their moments during high school and you know what, I burst into tears during the graduation scene, when they threw their toga caps and hugged each other. Well maybe because the song 'Graduation' by Vitamin C was being played during the scene. It was so tearful and I realized that when you graduated from high school, it was harder to keep in touch with your friends compared with when you graduated from junior high, because you and your friends will go on your separate ways and even miles and miles apart. 

LC in her toga on graduation night

And another tears-worthy scene is when LC moved to San Francisco and she had to say goodbye to her parents, including her mother who was in tears and reminded her to call her 'every hours'. Now I kinda understand how a mom feels if her child leaves her to study in the different city. Even LC's mom, who doesn't seem to be like an overprotective mother on the outside reminded her to call every hours. 

So I guess I'd better hire someone to shoot my days during senior year, eh?

Oh, and one thing I learn from Laguna Beach, going to college does make you skinnier, edgier, and more stylish. Just look at LC on Laguna Beach and The Hills. And Lo definitely looked chubbier on Laguna Beach and her outfits were a bit skimpy, but now she looks so fashionable yet elegant. 

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