Things I got from economics class

I used to learn about hoarding back in the 10th grade when economics was still compulsory. It cited that hoarding was against the economics principle because you hoarded something rare and then you sold it with higher price simply because it was nearly extinct on the market.
When I tidied up my bedroom, I found some old belongings which I have never used from the day I bought those. I just realized that hoarding was my new temptation. Pretty silly.
Every human was naturally born as homo economicus. You have to consider the economical matters before doing something. For example, I am an avid fan of sale or store reduction, I even buy things only when they are on sale, even if I don't need it. Just to hoard it, in case I need it someday.

I rarely buy original CD or dvd, I usually download them for free on the internet or buy the counterfeit ones. I know it's against the law but hey, I haven't been sentenced for buying pirated dvds or downloading cd from the internet. Think about the pros when you buy 10 high quality dvds for only Rp 60.000,00 (and bonus one dvd for every purchase of 10) and you don't have to spend Rp 75.000 for a cd, you just need a fast internet connection to download cds. One high quality CD can take up to half an hour.And I can burn the downloaded songs to an empty cd-r and sell it, but I haven't done that (but I intend to)

I also found few unused game consoles such as nintendo and psp, which I got them for free (except the nintendo) and other freebies. I even haven't ripped off the seal because I thought someday I would sell it on ebay and made a huge profit, since they were collectible items.

So it's clear that sometimes less is more. Hoarding, counterfeit cds and dvds, freebies,you don't have to be a law-abiding citizen forever right? Remember that we were born as homo economicus, try to make everything as economical as possible.

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