Current addictions

During holiday season I've got heaps of addiction which I couldn't enjoy on schooldays here they are: 

1. Gossip magazine

Yeah this is my genuine indulgence! I mean I don't give a damn when it comes to indonesian gossip magz because most of them are very trashy and I mean hellooooo who the hell are you, you just someone who appears to be on tv and receive wide publication meanwhile on US Weekly, Life and Style Weekly and People magazine they got A-list hollywood stars inside and even I bought Barack Obama's special edition hahaha and I enjoy doing the crosswords hahaha this one is not an intellectual crossword as in Kompas or Jakarta Post but this one is hollywood crossword with queries about movies and names of the celebrity haha it's kinda difficult actually. My favorite sections are the 'Fashion Police' page, Celebrity Sightings, and 'Who Wore It Best' page. Only US and Life&Style Weekly which have all of the sections so my favorite one will be Celebrity Sightings because apparently all gossip magazines must have at least one page of it. Oh and the best part of Hollywood gossip magazines are they also contain some sort of knowledges that you'll need to know rather than just posting those trashy news (e.g National Enquirer or some trashy British magazines) for example there are an article about endometriosis (In the article, Julianne Hough from DWTS was having a surgery to cure it) which I really love to talk about and then there is also an article about leprosy which is a skin disease so I'll need to learn more about it and there is an advertisement about hair created by a leading dermatologist (celeb's favorite) and you know that I really wanna be a dermo. So...I can enjoy those gossips while learning at the same time. Perfect! Oh and I also have Teen People's special edition about the secret of Hollywood's beauty which contains all the information that you'll need to get the 'it' look. To be frank, it's very useful indeed. P.S: I have all those magz in the pictures haha :)

2. Grey's Anatomy DVDs

I've told you on the previous posts about my fondness of Grey's anatomy and once I insert the CD, I will finish the whole CD even I have to sleep late for it hahaha I'm just very curious about the next episode and how are the things going on the next episode I'm looking forward to buying the 4th season and then 5th season (the latest one). The sixth season will be premiered on September 24, 3 months to go. But this time, without Izzie and George. Huuuuu I really want to see Alex and Izzie's wedding on the 5th season and Derek's house of candles I guess it was when he proposed to Meredith, oh so sweeet! I mean they broke up and broke up and broke up but in the end they ended up with each other oh so sweeeet and same with Izzie and Alex, they fought over and over again but then they ended up with each other. 

3. Books

There are 3 books that I'm currently in progress. The first one is 'Shopaholic Ties The Knot' by Sophie Kinsella, the third installment of the Shopaholic series and then there is 'Prom Nights From Hell' by a group of famous and best-selling authors e.g. Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries series) and there are 3 more but I forget their names haha. And the last one is 'Nicola and the Viscount' by Meg Cabot. I bought the book about 4 years ago but I haven't finished reading it. The book was lost few years ago and turned out that my mom kept it in the drawers upstairs on my old bedroom and due to my tight schedule, final examination and everything, I haven't finished reading it and then here comes the new book so literally I'm reading 3 books now and I don't have any idea which one I should read first hahaha I mean all of them are very interesting to read but I guess I should finish the Shopaholic first because it's very funny and I'm longing to see Becky on her next escapade haha and then I'll finish Prom Nights because it consists of 6 stories each from different authors so I just finish one story and then I'm off to Shopaholic. Well maybe I'll read Nicola and the Viscount after I finish the first 2 books and actually I also have a Shakespeare book, which comprises Shakespeare's famous plays, which are shortened and put together into one book and surprisingly it's very cheap for imported books, only $3 (Rp 30.000) but apparently they didn't change the vocabularies from the original manuscript so I was having a hard time to understand it, I have to prepare an oxford thesaurus/dictionary while reading it. 

4. Macbook

I'm so attached to this equipment! I can do almost anything in this tiny laptop. I can watch my Grey's Anatomy Dvds and I can write my blog and then download new tracks or even chatting on AIM with iChat (im me: I love this e-mail address, very uncommon and unusual. People in Indonesia usually use hotmail or yahoo or gmail as their e-mail client. Frankly I have all of them hahaha) or with MSN Messenger (I've updated this one so I could post my display picture) and then write articles to Jakarta Post using NeoOffice and if I have difficulties in understanding some new english words that I've heard or read, all I have to do is just launch Dictionary and voila they got the results (they even have Wikipedia) oh and they also have a twitter widget called Twitteriffic so I will be able to post my tweet in a sec without opening safari (the internet browser) and I can download a video straight from youtube using real player without waiting for a long time and then I can watch it directly with real player! And there are many activities to do with this laptop, and the best one is, they have great endurance when it comes to virus. They can't process the .exe files because they belong to Windows. I love my macbook soooo bad! Btw, I'm trying to get a new e-mail using .mac because once again, it seems unique and uncommon but still my primary email client is gmail because I already attached it to my Mail application on my macbook (another macbook's strength) but it will be really cool if I'm able to possess an account with .mac haha

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Grey's Anatomy (Part 2)

Haha I found these on:, your no.1 source for Grey's Anatomy, or should I say, Grey's Anatomy wikipedia. 

McLabelling is the trend of Grey's Anatomy where one adds "Mc" to words or sentences. Most commonly used are
McDreamy and McSteamy.

Season 1

McBird: The first of the trend used by another intern to describe the patient that George is performing on. (A Hard Day's Night)

McDreamy - The nickname given to Derek Shepherd by Cristina Yang. (The First Cut is the Deepest)

Season 2

McMarried - Used by George O'Malley to describe Derek Shepherd's marital status. (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)

McWhat - said by Izzie after she found out that Derek was married. (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)

McBastard - a reference to Derek after Meredith found out that he was married (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)

Mc Steamy The name used by Tyler Christian when meaning to say McDreamy. (Into You Like a Train)

McDouchey - Christina describing Derek Shepherd for not allowing her to scrub in on his surgery. (Tell Me Sweet Little Lies)

McDog - The dog shared by Derek and Meredith named Doc. (It's the End of the World)

McLife - the term used by Meredith to describe Addison Montgomery-Shepherd's influence over her life. Addison has Derek and now her dog. (It's the End of the World)

McSexy - a suggestion for a nickname for Mark Sloan when he first arrived to Seattle Grace. ( Yesterday)

McYummy - another suggestion for a nickname for Mark Sloan. (Yesterday)

McSteamy - the nickname that Izzie, Meredith and Christina agreed for Mark Sloan. (Yesterday)

McVomit - the term for George's disgust of the new nickname for Mark Sloan.(Yesterday)

McHot - used by Alex Karev to describe Addison Montgomery-Shepherd.(Yesterday)

McYeah - George's assertion with the term used to describe Addison. (Yesterday)

McDreamy - In this case, Izzy uses this nickname to describe George being the centre of Callie's attraction. (Name of the Game)

McVet - given to veterinarian Finn Dandridge. (Blues for Sister Someone)

Season 3

McGuilty - what Cristina calls Derek following his extramarital sex with Meredith at the prom that is being hosted in the hospital. (Time Has Come Today)

McBaby - what Cristina calls Meredith’s suspected pregnancy. (What I Am)

McNasty - George describing what Derek had allegedly done with the woman in his trailer. Unbeknownst to them, the woman was Derek's sister, Nancy. (Let the Angels Commit)

McHottie - George's term for Derek's sister, Nancy. (Let the Angels Commit)

McBastard - George labelling Derek, assuming that he was going to have intercourse with the woman in his trailer.(Let the Angels Commit)

McSister - given to Derek's sister, Nancy. (Let the Angels Commit)

McBitchy - Izzie refers to Derek’s sister, Nancy, after she insinuates that Meredith is the reason for the Shepherds’ divorce. (Let the Angels Commit)

McSex - Callie’s reference to catching Meredith and Derek having sex at the prom.(From a Whisper to a Scream)

McLove Life - Christina's reference to Meredith's relationships (Drowning on Dry Land)

McCrap - Christina describing Meredith's problems.(Drowning on Dry Land)

McFrickin' Code of Silence! Callie describing when she claimed Meredith's panties off the wall (From a Whisper to a Scream)

Season 4

McHardcore The nickname given to Erica Hahn in Season 4.

McRebound The nickname given to Rose by Addison after learning of Derek's new girlfriend. (Piece of My Heart)


George was Callie's McDreamy.

The first time we heard McSteamywas from Tyler Christian when he passed on a message from Joe to Meredith that Derek was looking for her (mixing up dreamy with steamy).

the McLabelling thingy is one of the trademark of Grey's Anatomy. McLove it!
Don't forget to find out more on:

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Grey's Anatomy

I've just finished the third season of Grey's Anatomy and this is my favorite season so far. To be frank, Grey's Anatomy is the longest-running TV series that I've ever watched, trumps 90210 and even Gossip Girl. I finished the first, second, and the third season just within two months because seems that I can't get my eyes off of my screen. Once I insert the CD on my Macbook, I will stay tune until I finish the whole episodes on the CD. I nearly cried during the season finale when Burke left Cristina. Imagine you were about to walk the aisle, and then for one second your fiance came and left you, literally left you, not just broke up. And when you went to his apartment and you didn't find him and his precious possessions. He was gone. And then when you failed on one of the most important exams in your entire life and then all of your friends passed and then when one of them asked your result, you told them a white lie, you told them that you passed. 

I love everything about Grey's, the characters, the actors, the soundtrack, the story line, and everything about them. I love the intrigues that happened between the characters and how they relate to each other. I mean you simply can't stop watching it. And I also love the music, most of them are indie music and they certainly don't belong to MTV or other mainstream charts but they match the scenes and every time I hear the music I just remember the scenes. And if you are talking about positive influence from the television, Grey's certainly got it. You can learn a lot about being a surgeon in here and also about anatomy of our body. Well to be frank, Grey's Anatomy is now in the top position of my favorite TV series. Well I'm not saying that I don't like 90210 or Gossip Girl anymore, I mean it's easier to relate with the characters from 90210 and Gossip Girl because they are around my age and then the problems are quite similar with our every day's lives. But in Grey's Anatomy you can see the world of the grown-ups in a different perspective. The pressure of being a surgeon, the complicated love life, the conflicts between your co-workers, the quirky family, and many more. As grown-ups, there are many complicated problems that can't be easily solved with your parents' money or power and there are many responsibilities that you have to take and there are your jobs await, your rounds, your duties, your responsibilities to save lives and do your best. 

One of my favorite doctors on Grey's Anatomy is dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery. She is the perfect epitome of the 21st century career woman in her early 40s. She is successful, smart, beautiful, attractive, and wealthy. She's very talented, she is a renowned neo-natal surgeon in the US, not to mention she is a medical genetics specialist, maternal-fetal medicine specialist, and one of the foremost OB/GYN in the country. She belongs to a wealthy family with trust fund on her name. She got what it takes to attract men, she had slept with dr. Derek Shepherd 'McDreamy' (ex-husband), dr. Mark Sloan 'McSteamy', and dr. Alex Karev. Those doctors are so damn gorgeous. She's very excellent when it comes to surgery. She is very practical and she is a fast-thinker, she can decide if a woman needs a c-section to save her baby in a sec, and she's good in making decision. She's very nice and compassionate, one time there was a happy couple and when Addison found out that their baby was gone, she couldn't help crying and then she managed to find the exact time to tell the couple that they just lost their baby because the couple seemed very happy and they were very excited for their baby. Unfortunately she's barren. She only has two antral follicles which makes her unable to have a child. Working in SGH (Seattle Grace Hospital) clearly makes her one of the foremost neonatal surgeon throughout the US, under the supervision of Chief dr. Richard Webber, who was her supervisor by the time she completed her internship. But she made a brave decision to move from the rainy Seattle to the sunny California. She decided to join a co-op private practice, Oceanside Wellness Group. Later, she became the director of the group. Well there was certainly no point in staying in Seattle, she got divorced with her husband although the main reason for her to come to Seattle was to fix her marriage, she failed to manage her personal lives with Mark (she slept with Alex and when Mark found out, he said that he couldn't be the one, beside Mark wasn't ready for a long-term commitment) and Alex (she thought that Alex didn't want her, he wanted Ava instead), and her failure of being a chief of surgery. Those makes no reason for her to stay in Seattle. Well by watching Addison, I really want to be like her, be an OB/GYN but only for a while, because I think dermo is more exciting and yet I'm not going to be very busy for the whole nine months and I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night in case there is a women that needs an immediate c-section. 

My favorite couple on Grey's Anatomy, they look certainly like Barbie and Ken. Unlike Meredith and Derek, Alex is not as romantic as Derek and Izzie is such an independent woman. They fought and shared arguments a lot, but then they realized that they meant for each other. Alex's wedding vow is very sweet and he always there when Izzie was diagnosed with skin cancer. 

dr. Alex Karev. He's a resident (on the first until third season he was an intern) and he hasn't chosen his speciality yet. He showed his interest in plastic surgery but when he wanted to learn from Mark, Mark treated him like his personal assistant, for example he provided coffee for Mark and picked up his laundry. And then he worked in the 'Vagina Squad' alongside dr. Addison Montgomery and he was very devoted to his duties. Later he got married to Izzie Stevens when Izzie was struggling against metastatic melanoma (skin cancer, hmmm)

dr. Derek Shepherd 'McDreamy' (played by Patrick Dempsey). He's a total hunk, I mean he's wealthy, smart (he's a neurosurgeon for crying out loud!), and he was once elected as the Chief of Surgery but he rejected it. But I don't know, there's something I don't like about him and Meredith. 

Dr. Mark Sloan 'McSteamy' (played by Eric Dane). He rarely works in the OR regarding that he is a plastic surgeon so he only performs surgery if there is a case related to plastic surgery. I used to consider to be a plastic surgeon after watching McSteamy repaired Ava's face, Ava was a victim of a ferry boat accident and her face was destroyed after the accident and McSteamy 'gave' her a new face, which was amazing and once there was a patient with tumor and he repaired his face instantly. Genius! I'm longing to know how does it work. Med schoool please! (Amin)

dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh)

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Lines, Vines, and Trying Times

Finally I got Lines, Vines, and Trying Times CD! The original release date was on June 15 2009 (USA) and the website cited that it was for worldwide release so I reckoned it was going to release here on the following day and I was right, despite of the fact that only one store got it firsthand. I asked 4 music stores in PIM about the newest Jonas Brothers' CD and they handed me the 3D concert experience, which I already owned (well actually I downloaded it) years ago (hypocritically) and then I headed off to Societie and my friend was right, she suggested finding it in Societie and they handed me LVTT! I was panting when I got there because turned out that my father already arrived in PIM so I rushed out to buy the CD and then went downstairs. But it's worth listening. Here are the tracks on the CD (I copied them directly from wikipedia because I'm absolutely lazy to write all of them down):

1."World War III"  Nick Jonas3:12
2."Paranoid"  Jonas Brothers, Cathy Dennis, John Fields3:38
3."Fly with Me"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky3:54
4."Poison Ivy"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky4:07
5."Hey Baby"  Jonas Brothers3:18
6."Before the Storm" (featuring Miley Cyrus)Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus4:26
7."What Did I Do to Your Heart"  Jonas Brothers3:17
8."Much Better"  Jonas Brothers4:34
9."Black Keys"  Nick Jonas3:48
10."Don't Charge Me for the Crime" (featuring Common)Jonas Brothers, Ryan LiestmanLonnie Lynn3:57
11."Turn Right"  Jonas Brothers2:48
12."Don't Speak"  Jonas Brothers, John Fields3:50
Bonus Tracks[19][20]
13."Keep It Real" (Bonus Track, from the Original TV Series, JONAS)Jonas Brothers2:51
14."Enhancement" (UK Bonus Track)  
My favorite tracks among the album are Don't Speak, Poison Ivy, Hey Baby and Before the Storm. Well I don't fancy the first singles from the album, Paranoid and Fly with Me because I already mastered it (literally) I've heard it before the album hasn't been released well I literally stole from their myspace hahaha don't blame it on me because they always update their myspace with their new song (HQ version, for sure). There are 2 bonus tracks: Keep It Real (from their Disney channel TV show, JONAS) and Enhancement (UK Bonus track only) and as I live in Indonesia and I bought the indonesian version I got Keep It Real, which I've already heard from the TV show and I'm longing for Enhancement. I always get the bonus tracks from the previous albums (thanks to the technology called: downloading) and I must say their bonus tracks are as well as the major tracks. My favorite bonus tracks are Hello Goodbye (The Beatles Cover), Infatuation (they sing the chorus in Japanese, because it was designed for the Japanese version  bonus track), and Out of this World (UK bonus track). Now I'm trying to get Enhancement. There's a download link for this track but I have to download a full album in order to get it well what's the point in downloading the whole album when I already got the original one? It will take a long period and beside that my internet connection doesn't work well these days so it will take a very damn long time...Btw seems like Joe and Nick have their own personal break-up tracks. Joe has Much Better, well from this line 'And all the tears on her guitar' you can see that he's mocking Taylor Swift in that song, regarding that Taylor got her stardom with her first single 'Teardrops on my Guitar'. And Nick has Before the Storm which he sang alongside Miley Cyrus (his ex and now rumor has it that they are reconnected, well reconnected means that they are so going back together and there is a photo leaked on the internet that when they sang the song together at the Dallas concert Miley embraced Nick and then looked like Miley kissed Nick hahahaha) and it the song is very sweet and touchy and also fueling the rumors that they broke up in the rain (referred to their songs Sorry by Jonas Brothers and 7 Things by Miley Cyrus). LVTT also has such a different sound compared with their previous albums which have disney-esque sounds. They have added richer instruments and strings and brass sections and they use violin regularly. I surely love this album haha! Speaking about violin, Jonas Brothers did a cover of Katy Perry's Thinking of You on BBC Radio One and they were using violin as their additional instrument on the song and it was great, you can check it on youtube. By the way, I already watched the newest episodes of JONAS and I'm besotted with the fifth and sixth episodes, very funny indeed! But I must say the seventh episode is such a crap, I just don't like it, apart from the song on the episode 'Why', which I found it pretty good. Hmm and speaking about the indonesian version, the jacket cover is not as thick as the original version because the indonesian version only contains 'Thank You' section and few credits, while the original version has many great pictures of them and also lyrics so it's thicker for sure. While the indonesian version only has one picture and there aren't their gorgeous faces on the picture, only their silhouettes. Well fortunately I already got all the photos from the jacket cover, thanks to JonasHQ hahaha the most reliable source when it comes to Jonas Brothers 

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Reminisce these marvelous memories in XI IPA 1 (Part 2)

Ummm I've updated my last post because turned up that there are few mistakes in the previous post, thanks to Ina for correcting my mistakes hahaha so I woke up at 8 am (incredibly early) and then I went to the living room to check on my friends and they were playing gratefully without looking tired or sleepy and then I glanced to the table and found out that they were many foods left, from the BBQ meats, fried bananas, bread, and many more but I wasn't that hungry so I sat down and opened Twitter from my cellphone and then Andra asked me whether I would like to play swing in the backyard so I agreed because I really really love the swings! How much did I tell you about my fondness of swing in Prilly's villa? In fact, that day I played swing numerous times, each with different person. Hmm let me count, I had played swing with Andra, and then Vina, and then Garini, and then Ina also and the day before I also played swing (the backyard one) alongside Imes. And don't mention about the front yard swing, I had played it with Intan, Reva, Shasti, Vina, and also Tissa. And then I went upstairs for breakfast and then we watched horror movies. First, we watched Final Destination 1, well I've watched it numerous times before so there wasn't any thrills for me during the movie and then we skipped to Final Destination 2. I didn't like the second one to be frank because the concept was pretty similar except for the means of transport because the first one was an airplane and the second one was a car so it wasn't much different. Oh and I forgot, first we tuned in to Scary Movies but it was a little bit inappropriate so we tune in to the Final Destination movies and then when it came to the third one, the quality was rather inadequate because it was all-in-one DVD so we skipped to Shutter, the Hollywood version. I must say, the Japanese version was much scarier compared to the Hollywood version but it also scared me indeed. So I watched the movie and screamed few times because the ghost itself was Japanese and it scared me (anything that relates to Asian ghost really scares me) and then after that we had lunch and packed our bags, nevertheless, Garini, Danses and Resta had decided to go home earlier so we took photos (turned out after that we took more photos hahaha) and after our bags were packed we went outside to take another photo and more and more photos and then stored our bags inside the car and then we went home. We supposed to visit Cimory for a while but turned out that it was very congested so we decided to skip it and then we stopped at the rest area and bought some snacks, including KFC haha and then we arrived in our school at 5.30 pm and then we headed off to our home 

I'M SURELY GOING TO MISS XI IPA 1, love you always guysss and always reminisce our memories, no matter if there are many bad memories or good memories inside, it'll up to you thank you for everything, especially for brightening my second year in Labschool Kebayoran Highschool (I don't quite good with putting up words together so I came up with this simple words)

Well I already promised for photos, here they are: 
The mighty XI IPA 1 :))


Watching Prom Night, look at the face of the front-rowers! Haha


During bonfire haha

The 'it' bonfire

Fun in the swing!

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