Lines, Vines, and Trying Times

Finally I got Lines, Vines, and Trying Times CD! The original release date was on June 15 2009 (USA) and the website cited that it was for worldwide release so I reckoned it was going to release here on the following day and I was right, despite of the fact that only one store got it firsthand. I asked 4 music stores in PIM about the newest Jonas Brothers' CD and they handed me the 3D concert experience, which I already owned (well actually I downloaded it) years ago (hypocritically) and then I headed off to Societie and my friend was right, she suggested finding it in Societie and they handed me LVTT! I was panting when I got there because turned out that my father already arrived in PIM so I rushed out to buy the CD and then went downstairs. But it's worth listening. Here are the tracks on the CD (I copied them directly from wikipedia because I'm absolutely lazy to write all of them down):

1."World War III"  Nick Jonas3:12
2."Paranoid"  Jonas Brothers, Cathy Dennis, John Fields3:38
3."Fly with Me"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky3:54
4."Poison Ivy"  Jonas Brothers, Greg Garbowsky4:07
5."Hey Baby"  Jonas Brothers3:18
6."Before the Storm" (featuring Miley Cyrus)Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus4:26
7."What Did I Do to Your Heart"  Jonas Brothers3:17
8."Much Better"  Jonas Brothers4:34
9."Black Keys"  Nick Jonas3:48
10."Don't Charge Me for the Crime" (featuring Common)Jonas Brothers, Ryan LiestmanLonnie Lynn3:57
11."Turn Right"  Jonas Brothers2:48
12."Don't Speak"  Jonas Brothers, John Fields3:50
Bonus Tracks[19][20]
13."Keep It Real" (Bonus Track, from the Original TV Series, JONAS)Jonas Brothers2:51
14."Enhancement" (UK Bonus Track)  
My favorite tracks among the album are Don't Speak, Poison Ivy, Hey Baby and Before the Storm. Well I don't fancy the first singles from the album, Paranoid and Fly with Me because I already mastered it (literally) I've heard it before the album hasn't been released well I literally stole from their myspace hahaha don't blame it on me because they always update their myspace with their new song (HQ version, for sure). There are 2 bonus tracks: Keep It Real (from their Disney channel TV show, JONAS) and Enhancement (UK Bonus track only) and as I live in Indonesia and I bought the indonesian version I got Keep It Real, which I've already heard from the TV show and I'm longing for Enhancement. I always get the bonus tracks from the previous albums (thanks to the technology called: downloading) and I must say their bonus tracks are as well as the major tracks. My favorite bonus tracks are Hello Goodbye (The Beatles Cover), Infatuation (they sing the chorus in Japanese, because it was designed for the Japanese version  bonus track), and Out of this World (UK bonus track). Now I'm trying to get Enhancement. There's a download link for this track but I have to download a full album in order to get it well what's the point in downloading the whole album when I already got the original one? It will take a long period and beside that my internet connection doesn't work well these days so it will take a very damn long time...Btw seems like Joe and Nick have their own personal break-up tracks. Joe has Much Better, well from this line 'And all the tears on her guitar' you can see that he's mocking Taylor Swift in that song, regarding that Taylor got her stardom with her first single 'Teardrops on my Guitar'. And Nick has Before the Storm which he sang alongside Miley Cyrus (his ex and now rumor has it that they are reconnected, well reconnected means that they are so going back together and there is a photo leaked on the internet that when they sang the song together at the Dallas concert Miley embraced Nick and then looked like Miley kissed Nick hahahaha) and it the song is very sweet and touchy and also fueling the rumors that they broke up in the rain (referred to their songs Sorry by Jonas Brothers and 7 Things by Miley Cyrus). LVTT also has such a different sound compared with their previous albums which have disney-esque sounds. They have added richer instruments and strings and brass sections and they use violin regularly. I surely love this album haha! Speaking about violin, Jonas Brothers did a cover of Katy Perry's Thinking of You on BBC Radio One and they were using violin as their additional instrument on the song and it was great, you can check it on youtube. By the way, I already watched the newest episodes of JONAS and I'm besotted with the fifth and sixth episodes, very funny indeed! But I must say the seventh episode is such a crap, I just don't like it, apart from the song on the episode 'Why', which I found it pretty good. Hmm and speaking about the indonesian version, the jacket cover is not as thick as the original version because the indonesian version only contains 'Thank You' section and few credits, while the original version has many great pictures of them and also lyrics so it's thicker for sure. While the indonesian version only has one picture and there aren't their gorgeous faces on the picture, only their silhouettes. Well fortunately I already got all the photos from the jacket cover, thanks to JonasHQ hahaha the most reliable source when it comes to Jonas Brothers 

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