Current addictions

During holiday season I've got heaps of addiction which I couldn't enjoy on schooldays here they are: 

1. Gossip magazine

Yeah this is my genuine indulgence! I mean I don't give a damn when it comes to indonesian gossip magz because most of them are very trashy and I mean hellooooo who the hell are you, you just someone who appears to be on tv and receive wide publication meanwhile on US Weekly, Life and Style Weekly and People magazine they got A-list hollywood stars inside and even I bought Barack Obama's special edition hahaha and I enjoy doing the crosswords hahaha this one is not an intellectual crossword as in Kompas or Jakarta Post but this one is hollywood crossword with queries about movies and names of the celebrity haha it's kinda difficult actually. My favorite sections are the 'Fashion Police' page, Celebrity Sightings, and 'Who Wore It Best' page. Only US and Life&Style Weekly which have all of the sections so my favorite one will be Celebrity Sightings because apparently all gossip magazines must have at least one page of it. Oh and the best part of Hollywood gossip magazines are they also contain some sort of knowledges that you'll need to know rather than just posting those trashy news (e.g National Enquirer or some trashy British magazines) for example there are an article about endometriosis (In the article, Julianne Hough from DWTS was having a surgery to cure it) which I really love to talk about and then there is also an article about leprosy which is a skin disease so I'll need to learn more about it and there is an advertisement about hair created by a leading dermatologist (celeb's favorite) and you know that I really wanna be a dermo. So...I can enjoy those gossips while learning at the same time. Perfect! Oh and I also have Teen People's special edition about the secret of Hollywood's beauty which contains all the information that you'll need to get the 'it' look. To be frank, it's very useful indeed. P.S: I have all those magz in the pictures haha :)

2. Grey's Anatomy DVDs

I've told you on the previous posts about my fondness of Grey's anatomy and once I insert the CD, I will finish the whole CD even I have to sleep late for it hahaha I'm just very curious about the next episode and how are the things going on the next episode I'm looking forward to buying the 4th season and then 5th season (the latest one). The sixth season will be premiered on September 24, 3 months to go. But this time, without Izzie and George. Huuuuu I really want to see Alex and Izzie's wedding on the 5th season and Derek's house of candles I guess it was when he proposed to Meredith, oh so sweeet! I mean they broke up and broke up and broke up but in the end they ended up with each other oh so sweeeet and same with Izzie and Alex, they fought over and over again but then they ended up with each other. 

3. Books

There are 3 books that I'm currently in progress. The first one is 'Shopaholic Ties The Knot' by Sophie Kinsella, the third installment of the Shopaholic series and then there is 'Prom Nights From Hell' by a group of famous and best-selling authors e.g. Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries series) and there are 3 more but I forget their names haha. And the last one is 'Nicola and the Viscount' by Meg Cabot. I bought the book about 4 years ago but I haven't finished reading it. The book was lost few years ago and turned out that my mom kept it in the drawers upstairs on my old bedroom and due to my tight schedule, final examination and everything, I haven't finished reading it and then here comes the new book so literally I'm reading 3 books now and I don't have any idea which one I should read first hahaha I mean all of them are very interesting to read but I guess I should finish the Shopaholic first because it's very funny and I'm longing to see Becky on her next escapade haha and then I'll finish Prom Nights because it consists of 6 stories each from different authors so I just finish one story and then I'm off to Shopaholic. Well maybe I'll read Nicola and the Viscount after I finish the first 2 books and actually I also have a Shakespeare book, which comprises Shakespeare's famous plays, which are shortened and put together into one book and surprisingly it's very cheap for imported books, only $3 (Rp 30.000) but apparently they didn't change the vocabularies from the original manuscript so I was having a hard time to understand it, I have to prepare an oxford thesaurus/dictionary while reading it. 

4. Macbook

I'm so attached to this equipment! I can do almost anything in this tiny laptop. I can watch my Grey's Anatomy Dvds and I can write my blog and then download new tracks or even chatting on AIM with iChat (im me: I love this e-mail address, very uncommon and unusual. People in Indonesia usually use hotmail or yahoo or gmail as their e-mail client. Frankly I have all of them hahaha) or with MSN Messenger (I've updated this one so I could post my display picture) and then write articles to Jakarta Post using NeoOffice and if I have difficulties in understanding some new english words that I've heard or read, all I have to do is just launch Dictionary and voila they got the results (they even have Wikipedia) oh and they also have a twitter widget called Twitteriffic so I will be able to post my tweet in a sec without opening safari (the internet browser) and I can download a video straight from youtube using real player without waiting for a long time and then I can watch it directly with real player! And there are many activities to do with this laptop, and the best one is, they have great endurance when it comes to virus. They can't process the .exe files because they belong to Windows. I love my macbook soooo bad! Btw, I'm trying to get a new e-mail using .mac because once again, it seems unique and uncommon but still my primary email client is gmail because I already attached it to my Mail application on my macbook (another macbook's strength) but it will be really cool if I'm able to possess an account with .mac haha

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