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I've just finished the third season of Grey's Anatomy and this is my favorite season so far. To be frank, Grey's Anatomy is the longest-running TV series that I've ever watched, trumps 90210 and even Gossip Girl. I finished the first, second, and the third season just within two months because seems that I can't get my eyes off of my screen. Once I insert the CD on my Macbook, I will stay tune until I finish the whole episodes on the CD. I nearly cried during the season finale when Burke left Cristina. Imagine you were about to walk the aisle, and then for one second your fiance came and left you, literally left you, not just broke up. And when you went to his apartment and you didn't find him and his precious possessions. He was gone. And then when you failed on one of the most important exams in your entire life and then all of your friends passed and then when one of them asked your result, you told them a white lie, you told them that you passed. 

I love everything about Grey's, the characters, the actors, the soundtrack, the story line, and everything about them. I love the intrigues that happened between the characters and how they relate to each other. I mean you simply can't stop watching it. And I also love the music, most of them are indie music and they certainly don't belong to MTV or other mainstream charts but they match the scenes and every time I hear the music I just remember the scenes. And if you are talking about positive influence from the television, Grey's certainly got it. You can learn a lot about being a surgeon in here and also about anatomy of our body. Well to be frank, Grey's Anatomy is now in the top position of my favorite TV series. Well I'm not saying that I don't like 90210 or Gossip Girl anymore, I mean it's easier to relate with the characters from 90210 and Gossip Girl because they are around my age and then the problems are quite similar with our every day's lives. But in Grey's Anatomy you can see the world of the grown-ups in a different perspective. The pressure of being a surgeon, the complicated love life, the conflicts between your co-workers, the quirky family, and many more. As grown-ups, there are many complicated problems that can't be easily solved with your parents' money or power and there are many responsibilities that you have to take and there are your jobs await, your rounds, your duties, your responsibilities to save lives and do your best. 

One of my favorite doctors on Grey's Anatomy is dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery. She is the perfect epitome of the 21st century career woman in her early 40s. She is successful, smart, beautiful, attractive, and wealthy. She's very talented, she is a renowned neo-natal surgeon in the US, not to mention she is a medical genetics specialist, maternal-fetal medicine specialist, and one of the foremost OB/GYN in the country. She belongs to a wealthy family with trust fund on her name. She got what it takes to attract men, she had slept with dr. Derek Shepherd 'McDreamy' (ex-husband), dr. Mark Sloan 'McSteamy', and dr. Alex Karev. Those doctors are so damn gorgeous. She's very excellent when it comes to surgery. She is very practical and she is a fast-thinker, she can decide if a woman needs a c-section to save her baby in a sec, and she's good in making decision. She's very nice and compassionate, one time there was a happy couple and when Addison found out that their baby was gone, she couldn't help crying and then she managed to find the exact time to tell the couple that they just lost their baby because the couple seemed very happy and they were very excited for their baby. Unfortunately she's barren. She only has two antral follicles which makes her unable to have a child. Working in SGH (Seattle Grace Hospital) clearly makes her one of the foremost neonatal surgeon throughout the US, under the supervision of Chief dr. Richard Webber, who was her supervisor by the time she completed her internship. But she made a brave decision to move from the rainy Seattle to the sunny California. She decided to join a co-op private practice, Oceanside Wellness Group. Later, she became the director of the group. Well there was certainly no point in staying in Seattle, she got divorced with her husband although the main reason for her to come to Seattle was to fix her marriage, she failed to manage her personal lives with Mark (she slept with Alex and when Mark found out, he said that he couldn't be the one, beside Mark wasn't ready for a long-term commitment) and Alex (she thought that Alex didn't want her, he wanted Ava instead), and her failure of being a chief of surgery. Those makes no reason for her to stay in Seattle. Well by watching Addison, I really want to be like her, be an OB/GYN but only for a while, because I think dermo is more exciting and yet I'm not going to be very busy for the whole nine months and I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night in case there is a women that needs an immediate c-section. 

My favorite couple on Grey's Anatomy, they look certainly like Barbie and Ken. Unlike Meredith and Derek, Alex is not as romantic as Derek and Izzie is such an independent woman. They fought and shared arguments a lot, but then they realized that they meant for each other. Alex's wedding vow is very sweet and he always there when Izzie was diagnosed with skin cancer. 

dr. Alex Karev. He's a resident (on the first until third season he was an intern) and he hasn't chosen his speciality yet. He showed his interest in plastic surgery but when he wanted to learn from Mark, Mark treated him like his personal assistant, for example he provided coffee for Mark and picked up his laundry. And then he worked in the 'Vagina Squad' alongside dr. Addison Montgomery and he was very devoted to his duties. Later he got married to Izzie Stevens when Izzie was struggling against metastatic melanoma (skin cancer, hmmm)

dr. Derek Shepherd 'McDreamy' (played by Patrick Dempsey). He's a total hunk, I mean he's wealthy, smart (he's a neurosurgeon for crying out loud!), and he was once elected as the Chief of Surgery but he rejected it. But I don't know, there's something I don't like about him and Meredith. 

Dr. Mark Sloan 'McSteamy' (played by Eric Dane). He rarely works in the OR regarding that he is a plastic surgeon so he only performs surgery if there is a case related to plastic surgery. I used to consider to be a plastic surgeon after watching McSteamy repaired Ava's face, Ava was a victim of a ferry boat accident and her face was destroyed after the accident and McSteamy 'gave' her a new face, which was amazing and once there was a patient with tumor and he repaired his face instantly. Genius! I'm longing to know how does it work. Med schoool please! (Amin)

dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh)

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