Quick Scribble

Okay, it's been so long since my last post in here, well I'm just going to make it quick as you can see on the title of this post; QUICK Scribble hehehe ;)

So this month is totally about being published. Few days ago The Jakarta Post called me and told me that they were interested in my article about the 3D movies and it was going to publish on April. Then my friend told me that I appeared on GoGirl! magazine, posted something related to gossip sites. Holy mackerel, I mean, I can be famous then, LOL

My mid semester test's results are yeaaah I can't call them total crap because in fact they aren't. But I can't say that the result is good either because in fact they are not good enough. I only failed at Chemistry (I don't count on IT and Religion, because it's not the compulsory subject for Science major). Let me give you the full result of my scores so far: 
Math: 70,60,67 (need 75 to make it perfect)
Physics: 63,88,83 (I'm not going to calculate, it's good enough)
Chemistry: **, 50 (let me study for the remedial tests, shall I? I censored the first score because it's such a shame and horrible)
Biology: 67, 58 (already passed the remedial test but I haven't gotten the result),72 (need 80 to make it better)

Finally my iPod is alive! My friend lent her iPod cable yesterday and I put some fresh tunes in it. My CD player in my car is also working, so I can listen to my favorite tunes while on board. Perfect!

My latest passion is FASHION. I've made a new folder titled 'My Wardrobe' and it's all filled with my favorite apparels from famous designers such as Vera Wang, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, and oh, I just saw Longchamp's new bag today and it's fabulous, I'm looking forward to having it, eh? ;)

Confession of Shopaholic is hilarious, and I'm reading Shopaholic takes Manhattan at the moment. My friend said that the film was horrible and out of the story line. That's why I don't want to watch it on Cinema, I'd rather watch it at home on DVD. It's cheaper though. 

Tomorrow I'm going to go to University of Indonesia to attend their open-house exhibition of their International Class Program, a.k.a my biggest target for 2010. And today is the announcement of this year's SIMAK UI, next year, it's my turn. I want to give a try on SIMAK UI despite of the fact that I want to study in International Degree, also held by UI. Wish me luck next year ya guysss!

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