Another swift doodles

Finally I've gotten myself published at The Jakarta Post, 8th of April's edition, page 17 on Youthspeak (the mini newspaper that comes alongside The Jakarta Post) hahaha it's about 3D movies, and I mentioned Jonas Brothers on the article yoo-hooooo hahaha speaking about Jonas Brothers, I'm so curious about their Asian tour dates, coming or not coming? Grrr they have to come here. My friends back at FFE (FanFamily Experience, JoBros official, free, and state-organized fan club) even sent an e-mail to Java Musikindo (a leading concert promotor in Indonesia) in order to have JoBros' concert in Indonesia. If it's official then, I'll save my salary for JoBros hahaha I'm so there (as if they already planned their concerts in Indonesia) haha OK I'm giggling too much. Stop it. 

OK, you may be tired listening to Jonas Brothers stuffs. From now on, change topics. So I've been downloading Jonas Brothers bonus tracks and they are breathtaking! OMG, I keep mentioning about Jonas Brothers. OK, one more. Their new Disney Channel Series will come out on May 2nd (in US). I wonder when will they broadcast JONAS in Asia? 
I'm going to stop talking about Sons of Jonas (hahaha can you believe Jonas Brothers used to consider this name for their stage name? Cringe) and now I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy! Yeeeey I'm so in love with dr. Alex Karev, he might be a frat boy but he's a total hunk. My friend said that dr. Mark Sloan is hotter but I'll stick with Dr. Alex Karev, although before I watched this series rapidly I used to like dr. Derek Shepherd. It's cool when you watched them scrubbing into the OR and wearing the doctor's suit and carrying stethoscope and saving people's lives huhuuhu I really want to be like them, especially I want to be like dr. Meredith Grey or dr. Izzie Stevens. OK it's getting late already and I'd better go to bed. TTFN :))

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