1st salary and blah blahs

Burning Up Book: Totally mine mine mineeeeee! 

I was completely wrong about my salary it supposed to be 300 thousand rupiahs not 200 thousand rupiahs as I mentioned few days ago. And it was a bless because I could buy Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers with my very own salary yeeeey I love being a writer, nah, a contributor, I haven't been an official writer or so, yet. Hahahahahaha but the worst thing was I only got 11 thousand rupiahs left, and what can you get with 11 thousand rupiahs? nil. nada. So I hope my next articles will be published and I can buy more books (that's rite, I'm very fond of books, any kind of books, or magazine, or newspaper or anything that have passages on it) hahahaha and I can buy earrings or necklace and nail polish too. Oh, I forgot to reveal the so unimportant yet the whatsoever part, this was the first time I used my debit card to purchase my things. Paying with card is so easy and the best part is when you feel like you don't lose any cents because it is an abstract object. I don't want to end up like Rebecca Bloomwood (she has a happy-ending life btw, but since she has been in financial crisis countless times but finally she's able to solve her crisis) who was in debts because her fondness of shopping. I still love shopping but I still think about the amount of money in my bank account and that's why I don't want to possess a credit card (yet) and if so, I think I prefer debit card than credit card. Btw, today Arsenal is going to face Manchester United in the Old Trafford for the champions league semifinal although this is only the first leg but I expect they will give MU a hard time. I admit that arsenal is quite lucky because the first leg is in oldie traffordie so if they fail, they can get another chance at the glorious (I don't know why I use the world 'glorious', maybe only to mention their fame) Emirates Stadium yeeeeyyyyyyyyy! Btw, I should sign out asap because i'm gonna have my maths exam on friday about calculus 101 haha I love using the numbers '101' after the word 'calculus' (pssttt, the material's name is not even calculus, but I love to use it, it sounds more brilliant) hihihihihi btw someone made me cracked up today not that emotional (sigh) but I surely had a whole lotta loathe on him geeez why don't he shut up his f**king mouth and stop insulting me? HIYAAAAAAAAAAA I don't have time for personal heart-to-heart notes since I am a cheerful person and I always am and I'm gonna stay that way and nothing is going to lemme down as long as I am alive hahahahahahahh what a sentence! bye bye TTFN (no I am not going to say TTYN because recently just a few secs ago I just found the exact meaning of TTYN: Talk to You Never. Nooo, I still want to talk to you, it's harsh rite, wondering would I even say that to a person?) Haha

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