I finally won something! Yeaaayyyy I don't mean to brag, but I haven't won anything this big since....I was born perhaps? I mean this is a national competition, held by a national organization, or should I say, the Indonesian division of UNESCO? Well I wasn't the first winner, I scored the third, alongside junior high school students, but it's ok, at least I will get a big amount of money and a certificate of participation. Yet the certificate will be very useful. 

If you don't have any idea what it's all about, I wrote an essay in English about the importance of education in order to prevent HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. Actually they offered a lot of themes, but I'm not good in environmental thingy, so I decided to choose HIV/AIDS because I'm really interested in health problems (as a future doctor, AMIN!) 

Here is the announcement, posted on KNIU (Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO)

I will officially receive the prize and the certificate next week on Thursday, at Depdiknas Building. Thus, the certificate really helps me to apply for scholarship maybe like, 6 years later when I'm about to obtain my master's degree overseas or perhaps I should submit it to PBS UGM (wish me luck for this, but I really really wish for University of Indonesia International Class Program instead) 

Wish me luck for university entrance test (SIMAK UI! FMUI International Class Program) and last but not least, national examination aka UAN! 

This is might be off-topics, but I just opened google analytics, (a great site to review your blog's progress and stats) then I went to 'map overlay' section and found out that few of my viewers came from the States, 4 viewers from California, 2 viewers from Pennsylvania, and one viewer each from NJ, Missouri, NY, Arkansas, DC, Illinois, Maryland, and Georgia. Wow! And also from UK! Bloody hell, that's brilliant with 2 viewers from London, and one viewer each from Brighton, Wembley, and Brierley Hill. Well all I can say is thank you for viewing my blog and keep reading. Stay tune on my blog!


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