Life is a bit (or very) unfair

Yesterday I was so excited for manchester united vs arsenal game so I asked my friends to wake me up as soon as the match kicked off. I was so grateful because I had indovision which now is the official broadcaster for bpl. I woke up before midnight and turned on the TV,and apparently the match had begun and I missed the first 30 minutes of the match. So I watched while chatting with my friends on msn and voila, russian starlet arshavin scored the 1st goal for arsenal and it was such a beautiful goal.
Then I watched the match in excitement, waiting for more goals from arsenal. Maybe the karma theory was right. Arsenal, which previously won 3-1 against celtic on champions league knock out round, had been criticizing because of the diving, performed by eduardo on the celtic match and news said that uefa will work on this case and eduardo will be fined if he was proven guilty. Wayne Rooney certainly performed diving last night and manuel almunia didn't do anything wrong or even a foul. Wayne Rooney manipulated the referee, Mike Riley,surely not a stranger to arsenal fans, regarding his unfair attitude during man utd vs. Arsenal match. Manutd got a penalty and unfortunately almunia wasn't able to block the shot, he was so young and had lack of experience when it comes to penalty, unlike the former keeper jens lehmann. 1-1
Then time passed by, and diaby made a tragic and fatal mistake. He made an own goal, which gave an advantage of manutd, gave them another point, 2-1.
Only 1 minute to go when arsenal striker and captain van persie scored a goal, but again, the ref said it was offside, no additional point for arsenal. And then it came, the final whistle, 2-1 for manutd.
Offside is always being an argument because it's very uncertain whether it is offside or not, well at some point it can be very clear, but last night, it was unclear whether it was an offside or not. The crowd went crazy as soon as the line referee raised the flag. And arsene wenger was so mad, he climbed and stood up in the midst of MU supporters, everyone knows how much he hates manutd
Manchester united got their victory by bestowal, while arsenal players were sweating on the pitch and doing their best. First it was a penalty, then an own goal, and an offside goal for arsenal.
Sometimes you can't always play safe and clean, you need to be a little bit harsh and play dirty to achieve your victory. And sometimes it will be very unfair, but you can't resist or return a gift, right? There are many rich people who claim their wealth using dirty approaches while middle class workers try so hard to strive to the top because they play nice and clean.
Sometimes life can be a bit (or very) unfair

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