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Another way to spend my holiday beside going to the gym, shopping, watching TV, and movies is by listening to good music. Here are my most-played CD at the moment (PS: I'm not gonna put The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, because those are all-time favorites! LOL) : 

Turn It Up (Pixie Lott)
I really love her voice, songs, and also her style. Her songs are very catchy but not some kind of 'bubblegum-pop' catchy. My favorites are Turn It Up and Kings of Leon's cover Use Somebody, very catchy and easy-listening, perfect for morning tracks! 

New Moon Sountrack (Various Artists)
I watched the movie first and I was captivated by its soundtrack so I decided to download it right away. My favorites are I Belong to You by Muse, Rosyln by Bon Iver & St. Vincent, and Shooting the Moon by OK Go. Those songs really remind me of the movie (and Taylor Lautner!) The person behind this soundtrack is very familiar among movie soundtrack fans, Alexandra Patsavas, who has worked on The O.C., Grey's Anatomy, and Gossip Girl (no wonder I love those soundtracks!)

Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)
Another new favorite! Although he is considerably new in the music biz, but he has topped lots of music charts all across the globe with his first single 'Whatcha Say'. I was quite shocked when I heard 'Whatcha Say' for the first time, because it heavily sampled the song 'Hide and Seek' by Imogen Heap, which I had heard before. Another catchy tune is 'In My Head', even Nick Jonas liked it (so what? LOL)

Grey's Anatomy Soundtracks (Various Artists)
Another masterpiece by Alexandra Patsavas, I don't know why I really love soundtracks, maybe because the songs in the soundtrack really remind of the scenes in the movie. Since Grey's is my number 1 fave, the soundtrack is a must. There are 3 soundtracks, but I like all of them. My favorites are, of course, the opening song 'Cosy in the Rocket' by Psapp, 'Grace' by Kate Havnevik, and 'Keep Breathing' by Ingrid Michaelson (the song when Burke left Christina on their wedding day)

The O.C. Mix One (Various Artists)
Another great work by Alexandra Patsavas. I really love The O.C. season 1 so I flew to Singapore to buy this CD (actually I went there on holiday and eventually found a music megastore named HMV in Orchard Road. A must-visit!) My favorites are 'Dice' by Finley Quaye and William Orbit (the song is featured in the kissing scene of Ryan and Marissa on 'The Countdown'), California by Phantom Planet (the opening song), How Good It Can Be by The 88 (the song is featured on the episode which featured Paris Hilton when Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer went to a club in Hollywood), and Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur (I think the song is featured on the second episode, I kinda forgot)

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