Reminisce these marvelous memories in XI IPA 1 (Part 2)

Ummm I've updated my last post because turned up that there are few mistakes in the previous post, thanks to Ina for correcting my mistakes hahaha so I woke up at 8 am (incredibly early) and then I went to the living room to check on my friends and they were playing gratefully without looking tired or sleepy and then I glanced to the table and found out that they were many foods left, from the BBQ meats, fried bananas, bread, and many more but I wasn't that hungry so I sat down and opened Twitter from my cellphone and then Andra asked me whether I would like to play swing in the backyard so I agreed because I really really love the swings! How much did I tell you about my fondness of swing in Prilly's villa? In fact, that day I played swing numerous times, each with different person. Hmm let me count, I had played swing with Andra, and then Vina, and then Garini, and then Ina also and the day before I also played swing (the backyard one) alongside Imes. And don't mention about the front yard swing, I had played it with Intan, Reva, Shasti, Vina, and also Tissa. And then I went upstairs for breakfast and then we watched horror movies. First, we watched Final Destination 1, well I've watched it numerous times before so there wasn't any thrills for me during the movie and then we skipped to Final Destination 2. I didn't like the second one to be frank because the concept was pretty similar except for the means of transport because the first one was an airplane and the second one was a car so it wasn't much different. Oh and I forgot, first we tuned in to Scary Movies but it was a little bit inappropriate so we tune in to the Final Destination movies and then when it came to the third one, the quality was rather inadequate because it was all-in-one DVD so we skipped to Shutter, the Hollywood version. I must say, the Japanese version was much scarier compared to the Hollywood version but it also scared me indeed. So I watched the movie and screamed few times because the ghost itself was Japanese and it scared me (anything that relates to Asian ghost really scares me) and then after that we had lunch and packed our bags, nevertheless, Garini, Danses and Resta had decided to go home earlier so we took photos (turned out after that we took more photos hahaha) and after our bags were packed we went outside to take another photo and more and more photos and then stored our bags inside the car and then we went home. We supposed to visit Cimory for a while but turned out that it was very congested so we decided to skip it and then we stopped at the rest area and bought some snacks, including KFC haha and then we arrived in our school at 5.30 pm and then we headed off to our home 

I'M SURELY GOING TO MISS XI IPA 1, love you always guysss and always reminisce our memories, no matter if there are many bad memories or good memories inside, it'll up to you thank you for everything, especially for brightening my second year in Labschool Kebayoran Highschool (I don't quite good with putting up words together so I came up with this simple words)

Well I already promised for photos, here they are: 
The mighty XI IPA 1 :))


Watching Prom Night, look at the face of the front-rowers! Haha


During bonfire haha

The 'it' bonfire

Fun in the swing!

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