Reminisce these marvelous memories in XI IPA 1 (Part 1)

I've been inactive since last week due to the final examination, but now I'm back and I'm going to tell you about one of the best farewells yet. So my fellow classmates in XI IPA 1 had planned to have our farewell after the final examination. Thus, when Prilly told us that she had a villa in Cisarua, Puncak, we agreed to work on our farewell there so our teacher Mr.Osa (who intended to plan this whole farewell thing since the first time we bumped into XI IPA 1) made a small committee consisted of maybe 10 people and we had to arrange everything alongside the PTA and then we prepared for everything, from the transportation to the meals alongside the PTA thanks to Adilla's mom, Amez's mom and Prilly's mom who helped us a lot. Even Amez and Prilly skipped school in order to inspect the location after that we paused our activities for one week due to the final examination but before that we had prepared everything, well, almost everything. So on Saturday the 13th, we assembled together at 7 am (majorly early, but we had to because we had to prevent ourselves from the dense traffic jam) and then off to Puncak. It took hmm about 2 hours to get there. So I'm going to write few highlights during my getaway in Puncak:

1. We jumped off the car and then unpacked our trunks and then some of us changed our clothes in order to play outside. There was a swimming pool there so my friends and I decided to take pictures there while we were splashing the water from the pool and then few boys jumped off the pool and then swam around (I guess one of them is a mermaid, man-mermaid to be exact because seems like he couldn't stop swimming during the whole day) and then one of the boys pushed me into the pool and then everyone started doing it, they jumped off into the pool and started swimming and taking pictures 
2. After finished splashing and swimming around we got off the pool and then cleaned ourselves. And then we ate our lunch and then we played games! yeppp my fellow friend Aisha is a truly game-junkie and she brought piles of games. Hmm, I'm trying to make a list of her games which she brought to Puncak: She brought Monopoly the Disney edition, Stratego (I didn't have a chance to try this and neither did I know how to play this game), Twister (I got twisted yoo-hoo), Stich's Operation (made me feel like a surgeon), hmmm she brought many games actually but we didn't have many chances to play all of them) oh and then Prilly brought Uno Stacko, actually this is one of my favorites but I didn't get a chance to play and then I think Aisha also brought Halma (I think Halma is from Indonesia) and Thomy asked me to play Halma with him but I forgot how to play so I kept asking him. 
3. Oh and they our class bought a bunny, actually it's a cute tiny bunny but somehow I was scared of it because I took photos alongside Imes with this bunny and then the bunny jumped towards me and it scared me so I hold the bunny and threw it away. Hmm, I'm not an animal lover, so I guess don't try to rely on me when it comes to animals). We named it Muku(shu). Later, Vina took it home. 
4. I love the swings around the villa. There are two swings. The one was in the backyard and the one was in the front yard. The one in the backyard only available for 2 people otherwise the one in the front yard available for 3 people. I played the swing alongside different people each time and one time I asked Dito, Thomy, and Fauzan to pushed it roughly and guess what, they pushed it very rough and then we swung very high as if we were going to fly hahaha and it definitely turned on my adrenaline hormone (ha-ha)
5. I stuck into my phone during my stay and I keep myself updated on Twitter about my fanta-bulous getaway with my beloved classmates. I tweeted Adilla and Aisha, who, certainly were next to me hahahaha 
6. Late night, we decided to watch some movies. Adilla brought heaps of DVDs so all we had to do was pick one and watch (Andra provided the player). So Andra picked Prom Night, which I was also eager to watch for some reason because Kelly Blatz's in it and Kellan Lutz's in it. It wasn't very scary but big thanks to the score, which gave us some thrills during the movie. Meanwhile, on the outside, the head chef Dito was busy with his BBQ meats. He played a big part during the night activities because he grilled the meats and then he served us and he also bought the meats a day before. So big thanks to him. I like the sausage, though. But unfortunately it started raining so we moved everything to the terrace. 
7. After finished watching Prom Night, we watched Night at The Museum, but unfortunately it stopped in the middle of the movie so some of my friends fell asleep. I couldn't sleep so I went outside and had some chit-chats with my friends and then it stopped to rain. Dito asked us to prepare for the bonfire but unfortunately, the fire wouldn't lit. So we asked Garini but she told us we got the wrong procedure. So we did everything we could, Thomy used his lighter and hairspray and bodyspray to lit the fire. But it wouldn't lit so he borrowed Reva's cajuput oil and it worked. But blame it on Thomy (kidding), he was friggin' happy so he accidently threw the bottle onto the fire and it started to light off. And afterwards Thomy got an amazing idea, he waved his towel and then the fire started to lit and then...Bonfire! We woke up our friends and then we made a circle and we confessed our confessions during our times in XI IPA 1. So few of us started crying, and then I confessed my impression during one year of time in XI IPA 1 but I couldn't cry so I just confessed and then apologized for my annoying speech during the class, you know all of the Disney, Jobros, and stuffs and then few unimportant speeches hahahaha and then mostly all of them started crying and then after that we sang together and holding hands huuuu it was certainly one of the most memorable moments in my life so far and then we went inside and hmmm we put the Mummy 3 on the DVD player, I've watched this movie so I fell asleep during the movie and then when I woke up I found out my friends had disappeared so I moved to the room and fell asleep again. 

(To be continued...gtg, hihi I'll put the full stories tomorrow and few nice photos tomorrow)

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