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Yeaaaah I've got plenty of stories coming around in March, and I'm going to spill few details about one of the latest events: JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009!!!


Woohooo, the biggest jazz festival in town is back guysss! OK so I was very excited about this event and during the Math lesson, I sang Jason Mraz's songs such as Wordplay and You and I Both. I even didn't pay attention to my Math teacher, but as a biddable teenage girl (geeez...), I had finished my Math tasks before started my sing-along
. Then I headed to my friend's house and changed my clothes there and went straight off to JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009! We decided to take the shortcut, so we didn't have to queue. We came in through the Sultan Hotel and arrived directly to the venue. 
So we headed to Exhibition Hall to watch Jason Mraz's show, although Jason Mraz's show could be entered only for the special show's ticketholder. But my friends, who were experts in Java Jazz's stuffs told me that exhibition hall was a open-for-public venue, so basically everyone could see it, for free! And my friends were right, I could watch Jason Mraz's for free! Yeah, if that was what you called 'watching a concert' because the stage was too far from me, but I could see Jason Mraz's appearance although according to my sight, he was very tiny (Yeah he wasn't that tiny, pardon me for my position, I stood up very far from the stage, well actually I stood up behind the entrance gate). Hahahaha but that was sooo okay because there was a big white screen (also called wide screen) so I could see his face clearly while he was singing his signature songs such as Make It Mine (the opening song), You And I Both, The Remedy, I'm Yours (his big hit), Butterfly, The Dynamo of Volition, A Beautiful Mess, and many more. Too bad he didn't sing "Wordplay". It was my favorite song among Jason Mraz's songs.
After finished watching Mr.A-Z, I met my cousin and my aunt (as I was mentioned in my last post, that I was going to stay with my cousin at my aunt's house) and my aunt decided to go home. Whaaaat? It was soooo early. It was around 8 pm actually and there were more performances to come. Luckily they cancelled their plans and decided to watch Matt Bianco's show. So we went home quite late, but it was okay, since Matt Bianco's show was free. We also watched Grammy-winning singer, Ledisi. She had such a powerful voice. And the best part was when she sang "What a Wonderful World". Then after that I went to Exhibition Hall again with my friends and watched some unknown musicians (well they might be unpopular for me, but for jazz-addict, maybe they were mega-stars). Then when I came back, my aunt and my cousin already queued on the front line. So I watched 
Matt Bianco, although I didn't know any songs from them. I thought that Matt Bianco was a singer, but in fact Matt Bianco was the name of a band with Mark Reilly as the frontman. But it was cool though, at the moment, I have been searching around the net for Matt Bianco's songs, but I hadn't find any until now. Do you think I should buy their CD? After finished boogieing into Matt Bianco's songs, I took some nice pictures with my aunt and cousin, and then went straight to my aunt's house. 
I had to finished my duties at Sky Battle 2009 so I had to wait until it was like, 3 pm to go to Java Jazz. The problem was, I was so damn sleepy. I even slept during the basketball game without realizing what was going on. I only slept for a short period, but I certainly felt better that before. After that I went straight to Java Jazz with 
my friend by taxi. We had trouble about finding taxi because we have ordered the taxi, but the taxi was very late. Few other taxis already passed us on the street, but we decided to wait until the taxi was arrived. But it was too late so we couldn't wait anymore. We decided to catch another taxi on the street. And surprisingly, on the street, we saw our ordered taxi. Well, luckily we didn't wait until the taxi was arrived, because we were going to miss the show. We arrived at Java Jazz on time and watched Soulvibe for the second time, because me and my friend already watched Soulvibe on the New Year Countdown Party at Four Seasons Hotel. After that we watched Ecoutez and Ran, another Indonesian bands. After that I wanted to watch Glenn Fredly (tribute to Chrisye, an Indonesian legend) so badly, but unfortunately it was very crowded and it was so hard to get in. So after that, me and my friends decided to sit down and talked. At 11 pm, me and my friends decided to go home. Huuuu it was the last day of my first Java Jazz Festival, well I should have bought the Sunday daily 
pass though, it was the last day, huuuuu but it was okaay, next year I promise I'll attend the Java Jazz Festival, altough it was going to be held in Kemayoran. For me, Kemayoran was a secluded area (because I have hardly ever been there) and too far from my habitat, and it wasn't located in South Jakarta, so it was very far. See you next year! More international guest stars!
P.S: Speaking about guest star, I was interviewed by JakTV about this year's Java Jazz during Jason Mraz's show. I didn't have JakTV on my TV, I wonder how did I look on the TV...

PS: If you want to see more photos, just go straight to my facebook and search through my photos


Jonas Brothers, via their website, decided to reveal their world tour dates and locations on March 11, 2009. And on March 12, 2009, I brought my MacBook to school (because my class was relocated to the Chemistry class, which has a very good Wi-Fi signal). So I saved the video last night about Jonas Brothers' World Tour Announcement (try to find it on their official youtube channel). And I was very shocked because they didn't mention Asia on the list. They only mentioned South America, North America, and Europe. They even didn't put dates and locations for the European tour because they still haven't fixed it. So why they called it 'World Tour' if they didn't visit Asia? FYI, Jonas Brothers got a serious fan base in Asia. But later, I've found out that they were going to update the schedule and there was ASIA in it. Hopefully they put INDONESIA on the list, since Kevin had visited Indonesia for a charity work. Ameeeen. Start saving money from now on! Can't wait to see them, esp. Nick!

P.S.: Sky Battle 2009's closing is due tomorrow, don't forget to watch it. We've got some serious guest stars there! (The report is going to come out very soon! Ummm, but I'm going to have mid exams to do, sooooo be patient for the report!)

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