I'm Backkkkk Fellas!

Yaaay! I'm back after weeks of abstinence from my oh-so-beloved blog! Yihuuu after the whole deeds about Jakarta In Global and so on. OK, first I want to talk about Jakarta In Global! The whole deeds about Jakarta In Global are finally finisheeeed! Yaaaayyyy finally I can sleep at 9 pm and go home at 3 pm from school. Well, it isn't fully finished actually because the winners haven't received their prize money yet because the national gas company haven't transferred the money yet. And did I mention that Prof. Arif Rahman, (a famous Labschool and educational figure who served as the head of UNESCO in Indonesia) praised this year's Jakarta In Global because he really loved the theme 'Save Our Culture'. Thank God. Oh don't forget the certificate for the judge who did a very good job (for those who thought that we were cheating because the winners were mostly from Labsky, think twice! We had qualified judges from Wall Street and FIB UI!). And I have to make activity report too. But, those things are easy-peasy for me. The best thing is it was already over, just it. Huaaaa I'm free, at last! 

 the way I'm looking forward to attending Saturday's JJF 2009 so I need to sell my Friday's daily pass so if 
you are interested, please contact me immediately! Oh and I really want to see Slumdog M
illionaire! The movie is definitely an 'it' movie at the beginning of 2009. They stole the attention by grabbing 8 trophies at this year's Oscar! Wow, I never thought that Anwar, the cocky Muslim kid from Skins (aka Dev Patel) could become so damn famous. Hahaha I really missed Skins. I already tried to find the DVDs but unfortunately it wasn't popular in here and in US either so the DVDs haven't released yet in Indonesia. But since Dev Patel was widely famous, maybe they will release the DVDs. But in fact Dev wasn't the main character. It was Nicholas Hoult from About a Boy who starred as Tony, the main character. Oh my god, Nick is very gorgeous. He is all grown up now and he looks very different from his appearance in About a Boy. Try to find him on the image below!

OK, let's talk about Skins. Basically Skins is 
all about the lives of a group of teenagers in Bristol, England. But don't expect for a squeaky clean teenagers. You'll find out as soon as you're watching Skins from the very beginning. Americans are well-known for their widely famous TV Shows with a squeaky clean teenager character. Or a bad teenager turning into a squeaky clean and innocent teenager. But if you're watching British TV Shows, you'll be surprised. And Skins is just the same. For example, there is Maxxie, who is a gay. And then you'll 
see Chris, who is a drug addict and heads over heels with his teacher. Then Anwar, a Muslim guy who is quite vague about his Muslim faith, then you'll have Cassie, who suffers from an eating disorder and Michelle, the sex-addict, but is also a vulnerable girl. Those things make me wonder, I'm 16, but I'm not having those problems and so is my friends. Wow. Britain is quite vulgar when it comes to teenagers' lives. But I still love Skins though, although it is quite vulgar for me. Hey, they have a nice selection of songs! My favorite is Wild World by the Cast of Skins. You can watch the video here.

So enough talking about Skins and so on. Right now I'm really craving for books. I haven't finished Shakespeare and Twilight, but I already bored with those books so I need to go back to my roots, a romantic comedy book! Sophie Kinsella's are always become my number one list! I'm looking forward to buy the Shopaholic series and Remember Me? I will buy it as soon as my father drives me to Pacific Place. I really love buying books at Aksara in Pacific Place. It is very cheap inside and they use recycled plastic bag! Woo-hoo, another example of an environmental-friendly store! Most of the books in Aksara worth less than Rp 100.000,- and they will reduce the price at the end of the year, so it will be a great shopping spree for me! Yay me! 9 months to go! 

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